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Who is at the scene of the crime

Who is at the scene of the crime You desperately want to be successful! Nobody wants to fail! I see this everyday as I teach kids to read. You know that a particular student is having problems with their reading when they arrive to your class with a book that is nearly as big as […]

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Ask and give to receive

Ask and give to receive Life is like a game of hide and seek. You are continually looking and searching for things to improve your life. As you search you are admitting that you are not satisfied or grateful for what you have. Here lies the undeniable truth about what you attract back to yourself. […]

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Free permanent weight-loss pdf

Free permanent weight-loss pdf There is nothing so frustrating as being on the weight-loss roller coaster. Just when you think you are on top of things because you have done an amazing job at removing some kilos or pounds you somehow begin to stack it back on again. Do you know that feeling? The whole […]

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Do you want more energy in your day

Do you want more energy in your day Does your energy level rise and dip like the mad mouse at Luna Park ? Do you just wake up tired and irritable and your day goes down hill from there? What if you could wake up each day and look forward to every minute? Most people […]

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Second paycheck for practitioners

Second paycheck for practitioners So you took an oath to keep your clients healthy through the magnificent service you provide. You want the best for your clients and your service is amazing. Your clients rave about your healing hands all of the time. In fact they trust you so much that they quickly snap up […]

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Thank you page for practitioners

Thank you for your registration to the free webinar on how to earn a second paycheck for practitioners.   Here is your registration link  http://practitionerwebinar.com/ Look forward to speaking with you once you have watched the webinar.   Let me know when you have finished watching it by emailing loddymicucci@bigpond.com

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Acid versus Alkaline Lifestyles

Acid versus Alkaline Lifestyles It’s definitely a mine field on the acid versus Alkaline Lifestyles debate. I get conflicting information and misinformation in regards to the benefits of an alkaline diet . The Ph miracle man Dr. Robert Young has been arrested and this has given skeptics and critics  of an Alkaline Lifestyle all the […]

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Why stars choose an Alkaline Lifestyle

”” Why Stars choose an alkaline Lifestyle Below is a list of stars who choose an alkaline lifestyle and a brief explanation as to why stars choose an alkaline lifestyle: Elle Macpherson Jennifer Aniston Gwyneth Paltrow Demi Moore Robert Kyosaki Tony Robbins Marc Jacobs Novak Djokovic Elle Macpherson […]

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Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sponsoring Crystal Ball

Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sponsoring Crystal Ball Do you wish you had a crystal ball to work out how to speak the language of your clients. Take the guess work out of sponsoring and learn the language of colours. Suddenly you will face no rejections. No sales alarms will go off. You will just […]

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Alkaline food chart

Alkaline food chart This is just to get you started and thinking about the sorts of foods you should be eating more of in your quest to live an alkaline lifestyle. Good luck with your transitional phase towards living an alkaline lifestyle. Please feel free to ask questions or request more information.

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Five Pillars for Success

Five Pillars for Success Does your company have five pillars for your success? The five pillars for success are: Is the flagship product amazing and something that everybody wants? Timing in the industry. How long has it been around? Is it in a growth phase or has it plateaued? Is it too young? Does it […]

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Ultimate Sporting Edge

Ultimate Sporting Edge This article will explore what it takes to get the ultimate sporting edge and endeavor to simplify the whole process. Is there such a thing as the ultimate sporting edge? Every athlete on the planet has been trying to get the ultimate sporting edge over their opponents since sports were invented. Does […]

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