10 reasons why you need a health coach

10 reasons why you need a health coach

10 reasons why you need a Health Coach

  1. You need somebody to make you accountable for your health.
  2. You need somebody to help you wade through the information overload.
  3. You need to be kept motivated.
  4. You need somebody to inspire you.
  5. You need great current recipes and information.
  6. You need to work with somebody who is committed to your well being.
  7. You need to learn from somebody who has turned their health around 360 degrees.
  8. You need to belong to a group who have great health practices.
  9. You need to trust in your own ability to stay healthy.
  10. You need to start feeling good.

Coaching seems to be the flavour  of the month or should I say year.

People from all walks of life are beginning to appreciate the insights of a coach. A coach who has walked the path you want to take is absolutely crucial to your success.

Have you struggled with finances? Did you consult with your financial adviser this would probably be a wise move if you didn’t.

Are you having a mini crisis in your life? Have you consulted a life coach? Once again probably a good idea that you do.

We tend to pigeon hole coaching to sports and business.

The question is why? If it works in business and sport why will it not work in all areas of life. Once upon a time many of the jobs people did were based on an apprentice system. This system would allow a new employee to learn on the job and also attend school when required to.

To me the person training the young person is a coach and a mentor. The system can work brilliantly if the mentor and the mentee get along and form a trusting working relationship.

Ok we can see the benefits of a coach in many things but what about your health. This being probably the most important part of your development to deal with, because everything you try to do can be either enhanced or stifled by the state of your health.

So what do people do?

Some eat healthy, some exercise, some gather information and try their very best to stay healthy. But the majority, well, they place little importance on it.

In other words there is no preventive course of action. Instead they become valued clients for doctors and pharmaceutical companies when their health eventually declines.

Decline it will if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent disease.


Well getting advice from a health coach would be a good starting place.

This will allow you to place the importance of your health where it should be, right at the forefront of your mind.

Of course once you have found a trusted and well respected health coach then the work needs to begin. You may need to change your diet!

You may need to look at how active you are!

You may need to drink more  water!

You may need to remove yourself from negative influences!

You may need to find some really good supplements to assist you with the nutrition your body needs! Talk it over with your health coach and I am sure they will have some great ideas for you.

If you are looking for a free online health coach then I suggest you click on the link below ,watch the video and enter your email so that you will receive valuable health information. You will also get a free consultation from a health coach when you add your phone number.


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