11 reasons why you are lazy

11 reasons as to why you are lazy

11 reasons why you are lazy

11 reasons why you are lazy will allow you to identify why your life is not where you want it to be

Hello and welcome sorry to be so blunt, but unfortunately most people suffer from laziness. There is no other way to put it. I can’t sugar coat this.

Have you ever thought about the many hours you spend on things that don’t really contribute to living the life you want. Do the maths work it out for a day and then calculate for a week and so on.

Activities that lead you to a life of mediocrity

  • hours spent watching tv
  • hours spent listening to negative people
  • hours spent on worrying about what you can’t control
  • hours spent about a decision you made in the past
  • hours spent aimlessly without any clear direction or purpose
  • hours spent travelling with no clear direction
  • hours spent procrastinating
  • hours spent arguing
  • hours spent being unhappy
  • hours spent worrying about finances
  • hours spent worrying about the state of the economy

I hope you are starting to build up a picture of the wasted energy that you are putting out. All of that negative energy could be harnessed to create an amazing life. How about if we turned it all around and did the opposite to what the list above says.

It would look something  like this:

  •  hours reading good life changing books
  • hours discussing ideas with positive successful people
  • hours spent on living in the now and making informed decisions
  • hours spent taking action
  • hours spent masterminding with cooperative people
  • hours spent enjoying life
  • hours thanking the universe for the abundance you have
  • hours creating a recession proof business for you and your family
  • hours spent defining and implementing your goals with clear direction and purpose

You have a choice as to which list you want to subscribe to!

Yes you do, the choice is yours to make and it begins with changing the way you have been thinking. Don’t take this personally but your thoughts have been conditioned to deprive you of your right to choose. It’s a conspiracy! Having you on one of those lists makes you scared and easy to control. Can you guess which of the two lists does that? It’s not your fault. The conditioning is there for all of us to be programmed by.

It becomes a consciousness that we all absorb unless of course we are fortunate enough to be born into an environment that completely shuns the first list and uses the power of choice to live a life of freedom.

Now here is the perplexing part of this argument. Once you are aware that this is happening to you then you should be able to adopt the the list that leads to freedom.

Yet so few do?

This can be measured by the unbelievably low percentage of people who are actually free to do as they want when they want.

Chris Munch the web expert tells a story of when he was in a meeting with many successful people whose net worth was well into the billions of dollars. He recalls that when it was announced that president Obama was reinstated whilst the meeting was on. None of the very successful people even batted an eyelid.  These incredibly wealthy people are not phased by politics, recession, economic crises etc etc.

Why? Because they know that they can create wealth and opportunity in any environment, They have done it before and they will do it again. It is this almost arrogant approach to making good choices that has got them to where they are. They obviously belong in the second group of people.

We all possess the ability to to achieve greatness and using the second list to live our lives by will get us closer to becoming great.

A good book to point you in the right direction for this is the slight edge by Jeff Olsen. He clearly states that if you adopt the second list to live your life by  from an early age then it’s like having compound interest working for you. Over time by adopting the second list consistently you will be working towards you greatness. He almost guarantees that you will achieve it.

So what are you waiting for stop being lazy!

Go and get the slight edge  and start using it.

Here is some discussion on it that you may find useful.

Click on the link and begin your life towards greatness.

slight edge recording 1

slight edge recording 2

Sit back listen and start implementing your new life as you move away from the 11 reasons as to why you are lazy and take on the many reasons leading to your greatness.

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