13 best tips for success

13 best tips for success

13 best tips for success

The 13 best tips for success are based on providing quality service to your clients.

Hello and welcome to my post. Today we will be exploring, how to identify and use 13 tips for your success.  I truly hope the time you spend on this blog provides you with value. Your time is your most valuable asset so spend it wisely.

In today’s discussion we will explore :

  1.  Finding your passion
  2. Working with a mastermind group
  3. Investing in yourself
  4. Acquiring specialized Knowledge
  5. Living in the now
  6. Making decisions quickly based on good quality information
  7. Providing quality service
  8. Engaging in win/win transactions
  9. Growing into the leader others want to follow
  10. Self Belief and self confidence
  11. Using the law of attraction
  12. Working with a mentor
  13. Investing time and effort

Finding your passion

I am not ordering these tips in any particular way, however if I were then this would definitely be number one. It is virtually almost impossible to consume yourself in something you don’t love doing. If you’re not passionate about the work you are doing then there is every chance that you will find excuses to quit. The long  hours and commitment required will test your resolve and endurance, this will wear you down.

At the end of the day you want to be able to feel like you are as fresh as a daisy. You can’t feel like that if you are not passionate about what you do. When you love what you do you don’t see the hours you put in as work. This makes it easier to reconcile especially if it takes a considerable amount of time to achieve success.

Working with a mastermind group

Don’t try and do it all yourself. Select a harmonious group who share your passion and vision to work with you. In most cases they will all bring a new set of skills to assist you in achieving your goals. This will help to stimulate and generate ideas as well as carry them out. When you are working in this way everything becomes a lot easier to do and much more fun. The only warning here that needs to be added is to choose wisely, harmony is the key otherwise it will not work.

Investing in yourself

This is ongoing for with success comes huge responsibility of growth and leadership. People will gravitate to you if you continually grow. Make it your team focus to build a life long learning  approach to everything you do.  Treat your journey with eyes of wonderment and curiosity. This will make you appreciate everything you achieve and all the challenges you surpass. Read good quality self development books or join a group that is studying these books. Some suggestions are:

  • “think and grow rich” by Dr. Napoleon Hill
  • “Change your thoughts change your life”by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • “Excuses begone” by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • “The slight edge”  by Jeff  Olsen
  • “The secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  • “Talent is over rated” by
  • “The go giver” by Bob Burke and John Mann
  • “Go givers- sell more” by Bob Burke and John Mann
  • Influencer: The Power to Change Anything Kerry Patterson (Author), Joseph Grenny (Author), David Maxfield (Author), Ron McMillan (Author), Al Switzler (Author)

These of course are just a few but they are books I can highly recommend. Once you begin this journey you will have very little time for television.

“Television is so educational, every time somebody switches it on I leave the room and read a book” Groucho Marx.

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