3 reasons to give thanks

3 reasons to give thanks will help you attract positive things into your life.

3 reasons to give thanks

3 reasons to give thanks

Hello and welcome to my post on 3 reasons to give thanks. I realize your time is valuable and I will provide you with value for visiting today.

  •  Today we will discuss the importance of giving thanks.
  •  How worrying about the past impacts on your decision making.
  • How giving thanks helps you live in the now.
  • Learning to be still

When you continually focus on what you don’t have in your life you are opening up the door for more of what you don’t have to come your way. Your subconscious mind believes your thoughts of lack and provides you with more of the same. You see you have convinced yourself that lack is your reality.

Take time to appreciate what you have by saying thanks for everything that is good in your life. This will begin to transform the lack into abundance. Turning this thought process around can literally turn your life from lack to abundance.  You will be creating a feel good attitude that can only attract positive things into your life. Practice this attitude of gratitude daily find five things that you are grateful for and write them down.  Do this early in the morning to help you feel good for the rest of the day.

3 reasons to give thanks

3 reasons to give thanks

Worrying about what you don’t have is about living in the past. You are always looking back and comparing today with missed opportunities. How many times have you regretted a decision with the power of hindsight? If only I had of not sold that property for instance. I would now be in a much better financial position?

You see when you think like this you are forgetting to appreciate what you have. You have no control of the decision you made in the past. The decision you made then is a result of where you are now and you can’t change that. Try giving thanks for what you have learnt and the wisdom you now have. Use that priceless information to make better decisions right now.

Opportunities come and go! Worrying about the decision you made in the past with the information you had then will not allow you to make good decision in the present with the information you have now. 

Living in the now will allow you to channel all those lessons of the past into the decisions you make right now.  Take the worry out and give thanks for how much you have grown from the experiences you have encountered in your life. Don’t focus on the future as this will take care of itself. Allow the universal law of attraction to be your guide as to what the future will bring. As you give thanks and create a oneness with your life and the universe it will acknowledge your decisions. Better still it will facilitate your decisions and ideas to fruition.  Why do things the hard way when you can harness such immense power? You will begin to feel the changes in your life as you develop an inner feeling of peace and serenity with you and life itself.

3 reasons to give thanks

3 reasons to give thanks

Learnt to be still and the answers will come to you. Practise being still every single day. Set aside 30 minutes to just sit comfortably in a quiet place and allow yourself to create. Focus on your breathing and don’t worry about your thoughts wandering everywhere. This will happen when you begin. It will get better. The more you focus on your breathing the less you will be able to worry about negative thoughts. The brilliant part about this process is that it allows your subconscious mind time to find solutions. You will come away from this session with at least one solution to a problem that has been bugging you.

Too busy to do it? I would argue that you are the primary candidate for using this process. It will slow you down and put everything into perspective. In slowing down and focussing your mind to work smarter and better you will in fact become more productive.

Unleash your creative imagination by giving thanks and learning how to be still.

Let me know if works for you.

In conclusion the 3 reasons to give thanks for are :

  1. To stop you worrying and fretting about your life.
  2. To allow you to live in the now.
  3. To allow the law of attraction to be your ally.

Please share your experience with the rest of the community.

Do you believe in yourself enough to give thanks for who you are and the things in your life?









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