5 steps to removing fear

5 steps to removing fear

5 steps to removing fear

5 steps to removing fear from your life is a post about practical steps for living in the now where fear is removed.

Hello and welcome to my post. Today we will be exploring how to remove fear from your life.  I truly hope the time you spend on this blog provides you with value. Your time is your most valuable asset so spend it wisely.

Today we will discuss :

  • what is fear
  • How to identify what your fear is
  • living in the now
  • How to remove fear from your life.

What is fear?

Fear is a strong emotion almost as strong as the emotion of love. Fear and love cannot coexist. Where there is one the other can’t be found. This should give you some clue as to how you can deal with fear. More about this later in the post.

Fear can be the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. When you get nervous and fearful before a public presentation it maybe your body’s way of telling you you have not prepared well enough for the event. If this is the case then it is very important to listen to your fear. If you do not the whole presentation could be a disaster.

The fear could be due to an overactive imagination that produces anxiety and nervousness just as if the fear were real. This is like a phobia and one that can be overcome by facing your fears.

There are five basic types of fear.

Extinction – “fear of death” ceasing to exist.

Ego-death – fear of humiliation and criticism from others

Fear of poverty– Making too much of what you don’t have instead of appreciating what you do have.

Fear of ill health – forever worrying about the state of you health and well being.

Loss of Autonomy – fear of being left behind.  This can see you always stuck in a rut and feeling like you have to belong to a group rather than be creative and forge ahead on your own.


How to identify fear?

What is the real reason you clam up and you are apprehensive about doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone? Is it the fear of failure or criticism which will lead to your ego death? Mind you quieting down the ego may not be a bad thing. Your ego will make it difficult to live in the now and appreciate everything you have. This will make it difficult to make decisions based on all of the information you have at that particular moment.

Once you have this confidence  to decide quickly with a laser focussed approach then fear will take a back seat. You see once you decide and take action towards what you want to achieve there is no need to fear anything. Somehow the path will be illuminated for you and replace any darkness you may have foreseen.

Look back into your past ask yourself questions about how you made decisions.  Was it based on past experiences? Was it based on the influence of others? Were you in control of making the decision?

Let’s look at the five steps to removing your fear

1)    Get to know your  fear.

When you feel panicky  and your thoughts start to scramble around and virtually paralyze you ,  this is when you  are experiencing a fear response. Is it real or are you just imagining things? Can it harm you or is it just in your imagination? If it is a real fear and you are in some form of danger then it’s your body’s way of putting you in high alert so you can respond to the danger.


2)    Where does your fear come from?

What is your internal voice saying to you? What challenges are you experiencing that can cause you to feel like this?


3)   How are you responding to this fear?

Get a grip! Are you using the warning signs to make an effective and appropriate response or are you just feeling helpless?

Adopting the right focus on how to respond is very important. Once you know what your fear is and where it comes from then you can put in place a series of responses that will allow you to overcome the fear. Lets turn to sport to look at an example of what I am writing about here. You may be playing a game of tennis and you are leading 5 games to 4 in the third set. You are serving for the set. All of a sudden your serve fails you and you lose the game to be 5 games to 5. You choke and lose the set 7 games to five. You have the choice to go into a state of helplessness and therefore lose the whole match or you can adopt the right focus. What  happened to your serve. Is it the ball toss, is it the position of your body? Are you thinking too much about winning? This will snap you out of it and allow you to get back to doing what put you in a winning mindset in the first place. So by identifying how to focus on what is required to get the job done will put into place a shield against being helpless;


4)    Take control of  the fear.

Now it’s time to figure out a better way to respond to the situation.  Always remember that fear originates in your mind. Once you control your thoughts by adopting the right focus and taking action you can get a handle on your fear. Your mind snaps into action and deserts the mounting negativity building up in your mind.

5)    Embrace the benefits of the fear.

Once you realize that your fear is imagined, what the source is, why you reacted the way you did, and how you need to turn your thoughts around, it’s time to look for the benefit your fear has created.  Stop and evaluate to what the fear reaction is diverting your attention to.  Is there something important that you’ve overlooked?  Is there a valuable lesson to be learned?  Is your life simply trying to push you out of your comfort zone to something better?  If you are dwelling on the past or getting too far ahead of yourself in the future, do you need to get your mind present-centered?

 Learning to live in the now.

Mastering your thoughts and removing fear from your life is  a process.  Knowledge is power and the more you eliminate the unknowns, the less impact fear will have on your performance and in your life. When you begin to become aware of what you are thinking and how you are thinking then you can take control of what to think.

I suggest you begin a journey of self discovery to help you identify your thoughts. Many people suggest mediation as a way of  decluttering the confusion inside your head.

Take some time to slow down, sit quietly and comfortably for five minutes. Concentrate on your breathing. Become aware of breathing in and breathing out slowly. This will allow you to begin to realize how active your mind is. At first you will begin to appreciate all of the thoughts that flick through your mind at any given time. Slowly you will begin to reduce the number of thoughts you actually focus on.

As you become better at this you will learn to direct your thoughts to anything you desire.

You will become  aware of how your fears can negatively impact your business and your life if you let them.  You must learn to leverage your fear so it works as it was designed to work – to alert, to motivate, to guide, to instruct.  Fear operates as an internal warning system, and can be just what you need to slow down and really pay attention to the decisions you are making.  Just don’t allow it to paralyze you, when you know who’s the boss and how you can move past it.

Good luck with your decision making and when you feel fear quickly focus on the 5 steps to removing fear.


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