About Gratitude

about gratitude

about gratitude

What is it about gratitude that can activate The Law Of Attraction to work for you? How does committing your thoughts about gratitude to writing help the process?

Have you been dabbling with The Law Of Attraction? Has it worked for you, then please write down your experiences in the comment section to share with our readers. In this post I will provide some insights into how powerful your feelings are in the whole process.

You see if you don’t really feel and believe what you are trying to achieve then you are working against yourself. Yes no matter how many affirmations or mixing with positive people you include into your life, The Law Of Attraction will not work for you if you don’t feel that it can. You need to dig deep inside you and remove the  mixed messages that are taking place.

Your emotions raise or lower your vibrational level.

When you are elated and excited about something your whole body responds in a very positive way. Amazing things tend to happen when you feel like this. Is it coincidence? Or do your feelings have a way of pointing you in the right direction to make things work? You know what I am talking about here. You have seen it in your own life. You can walk outside your front door in the morning feeling energized and glad to be alive and you just flow through the whole day without a hitch. On the other side of the ledger you can have one of those got out of the bed on the wrong side days.  When you feel like this nothing seems to work out the way it should.

You can convince your subconscious mind to raise your vibrational level. This will help you to feel happy and elated. In doing so you are able to design your day!

You see once you tell your subconscious mind that you are grateful and happy for everything in your life it sets about to keep you happy. This will raise your vibrational level.

Writing gratitude statements invoke a feeling of happiness.

So having made the above statement it is time to put it into practice. Get yourself a journal or a diary and begin by writing five new things that you are happy for each day. Think about people in your life, the things that make you happy, the beauty of nature or anything that inspires you to think happy thoughts.

When you commit these statements to writing you are hard wiring your mind to take in what you have written about. This process picks your emotions up and allows you to feel good right throughout the day.

It is not difficult to do but it does take commitment because it is also easy not to do.

Please comment and share your experiences to help our community realise the power of this small daily action.

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