Alexa 3 strikes and you are out

Alexa 3 strikes and your out!

Alexa 3 strikes and your out!

Are you Alexa conscious for your blog?

Alexa 3 strikes and you are out policy is worth considering. I’ve decided that the only way to keep my alexa score going backwards that is up is to post on a daily basis.

I know some people worry about Alexa and some people don’t!

I am not really sure how it is calculated. I believe it has to do with the amount of traffic you get to your website and how long they view each page view.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

However when you are building up your blog and everything is rosy with the alexa score decreasing.  That is going down by about 7000 each day and then for apparently no reason it lurches about the other way.

Yes it immediately starts going up 7000 each day and up is not where you want to go. Google is ranked one so going up is not a good thing!

You think they would have the courtesy to send you a message as to why the sudden about face. No they leave it all up to you to work it out.

It’s pretty demoralising to see all of your hard work be devalued in the eyes of alexa and the people who use alexa as a measure of credibility for your blog.

Anyhow the best advice I got about it was to write daily with good quality information. Yes I enjoy writing so I set out to win the war against Alexa.

At first it was ok to write one post a day and share it with some of the social media sites.

Then I had to branch out to two posts  a day of good quality original articles. This had a dramatic effect and saw my results going back to decreasing by 7000 per day. Please remember decreasing is a good thing.

Just picture playing golf.

Ok I think you can work out why I called this post Alexa 3 strikes and you are out.

Yes you guessed it Alexa is no match for three good quality articles each day. Mind you this is hard to keep up.

However if writing is your passion go for it.

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