Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare snuck up on me.

Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare

Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare

I was blogging merrily and enjoying watching my alexa ranking drop 10 000 places each day or so.

Nice I thought to myself, this blogging caper is pretty cool. Whilst I know that many people don’t take much notice of the alexa  ranking score. I was getting some  positive feedback from my blogging  efforts.

As I was patting  myself on the back for improving my score. The Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare began. All of sudden it dipped the other way and did an about face. It started to climb by ten thousand each day.

I called for help. Some people just said ignore it.  Others had practical suggestions such as down load the alexa site widget on your blog.  This I did and still it climbed.

Another practical suggestion was to download the alexa tool bar. This I did and it still climbed. Another suggestion was to write good quality content. This I was already doing. Only to see my alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare still climbing into the stratosphere.

All that good feeling about achieving good results went out the window and I became quite anxious.

No matter what I did the Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare was still continuing. In the matter of two weeks my rank had climbed nearly 100 000 and there was no sign of it easing up.

In desperation I continued to look for answers. However most of the stuff I came across was a rehash of what I had already tried.

I had to find a way to reverse the trend. Writing good quality content and using seo strategies made sense.

So I figured, what would happen If I posted twice each day instead of once? I tried this and at first there was a little increase in my traffic.

But you guessed it  my Alexa ranking had other ideas it was still climbing.

The increase in traffic did make me feel somewhat better. So I continued to write and use keyword research to improve my traffic.

However  the Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare  was still rising. Even when my traffic nearly quadrupled nothing seemed to happen.

Finally after a week of posting two articles a day and refining my seo skills I managed to slow the increase down. This gave me some confidence.

I decided that as long as I had stuff to write about I would continue this strategy. I had managed to slow the roller coaster but it was still rising about two or three thousand each day.

Finally after several days of  much higher traffic I saw it come to a halt. Buoyed by this I wanted to know if I could in fact reverse the trend and start going down the roller coaster and commence improving my ranking.

So I continued to rack my brain and tried to find interesting things to write about. Finally it happened the rank was going down by 8000 again so far so good…

I am writing this to keep up my two posts each day and hopefully to help anybody that may have experienced a similar thing. I know that writing two posts a day definitely had a huge impact on reversing the trend.

However I’m not sure if  it was perhaps a combination of writing original content and installing the widget site  badge and tool bar?

If I were you I would try all three in combination and see if you can impact on your ranking.

Loddy Micucci

email loddymic

skype loddy.micucci

cell 61 0437742108

Write a comment about your Alexa ranking roller coaster nightmare if you have had one. Please share.

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