Alexa roller coaster

Alexa roller coaster

Alexa roller coaster

Alexa roller coaster is something they say you should not worry about. Unfortunately when you are intending to improve your blog continually it is something to worry about.

So what has been the change?

The only thing I can put it down to is to easing of on the regularity of my blogging.

The other important factor was to see my back links suddenly diminish from 174 to 108?

I am not sure as to why  I lost so many back links so quickly.

I have tried posting regularly again but this time to no avail. The numbers are not improving.


I am setting myself a challenge to crack the under 100 000 mark over the next three months.

My plan is to write daily to provide fresh good quality content.

The next stage of my plan is to try a new strategy each week. This will be an attempt to determine what has the greatest impact on improving my alexa performance.

I will begin the first stage of the plan with commenting on other related blogs daily. This will begin tomorrow. I will report to you what impact this has on my alexa ranking. It now sits on 476,000

The next stage of my plan is to submit to as many social sites as I possibly can. 

This will increase the amount  of people I put my information in front of.


In the third week I will join and comment in forums related to the mlm and personal development niche of my blog.

I hope to get more back links by engaging in these activities.

In the fourth week I will submit my posts to several article directories.

Once again the purpose for this is to get quality back links.

Please join in and suggest other ways of improving my alexa ranking as we work through the first month.

I will report back and let you know what has worked the best.

Please add any comments you feel would help my quest.

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