Am I persistent 

Am I persistent

Am I persistent

What a question to be asking yourself? Of course we all persist to a certain degree.

But do you have that strong desire to see it through to the end?

You have to face this because it is at the bottom of where  your life is at right now.

Looking back over your life was being persistent one of your biggest strengths?

Did you keep going when others gave up?

What are some of your major achievements?

Reflect on this and determine how they panned out for you. If like me there is a trail

of unfinished  business and no real ongoing substance to your efforts then you

probably lacked persistence to see it through to the end.

You may have lacked ambition, you may have surrounded yourself with

negative people who held you back. You may have let self doubt creep into your decision

making process.

What ever the reason it is time to let it go.

Cast your mind to a situation that you are proud of. A triumph that saw you persist

until you finally attained the coveted prize.  How did you feel?

Take that feeling wrap it up and use it to propel you to your next


Make it the fuel of your persistence.

Take action that will drive you closer and closer to feeling it all over again.

Don’t quit because if you do the opposite feeling will take it’s place.

Don’t go there.

You want to stand at the top and feel that elation all over again.

Persist until you do.

Don’t let anything knock the persistence out of you.

Deep down inside you must believe that you are worthy to have success.

If you are persistent you will have faith in you,

the people around you and the universe to eventually.

No matter how long it takes to eventually realize

the greatness within you.

Nothing can take that away.

It needs to express itself.

If only you keep persisting and allow it to shine through.

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