Are you ready to mentor with a servants heart?

Are you ready to mentor with a servants heart?

Are you ready to mentor with a servants heart?


What does are you ready mentor  with a servants  heart mean?

Getting the information  from your head to your heart is about feeling and radiating the new found knowledge. This will help you to attract clients to you and when they feel what you know the magic begins.

It’s not as easy as you think

Our conscious mind likes to dominate proceedings. It pushes this sort of intuitive information to the background. It wants to acquire knowledge and power. It is about the ego driving it  to have status so you can strut your stuff. Your conscious mind  has  to convince your subconscious mind to remove the agenda. It really doesn’t want to. So mow is the time to take control of your thoughts.

How do you do this ? Well it’s about knowing how to slow down the chatter in your mind. This will help you to laser focus on the need to help and serve others. Infinite wisdom tells you that to be truly great you have to help as many as people as you possibly can without expecting anything in return. See I told you it wasn’t easy. Ok maybe you can engage in transactions that are a win win for everybody concerned.  This will make it possible for you to gain something out of the relationships you build. However the warning is loud an clear only if all parties benefit.

Mentor with servant’s hearts Is a slogan we love to live by. Not only does it set us apart from the hype involved in network marketing but it also shows that we care. When a system is built on love, respect and trust you have the foundations of getting the information from your heart.

Do you want to learn how?   It is a process. Plug into the system for free  by plugging into the mentoring for free system . The process begins by downloading Michael Dlouhy’s  free  ebook success in tens steps.

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