Attracting money | why not

attracting money | why not

attracting money | why not

Teachings in the Law of Attraction advise people to visualize money, because everybody wants to have more money. They teach that a good way to attract money is to visualize money flowing to you, checks coming in the mail, a pile of bills for you to use, etc.

These are all very good exercises, but here is the catch: they only work if there is no tension, worries or doubt in the visualizations, otherwise they only reinforce the thought of lack.

Many people who try to consciously use The Law of Attraction for abundance  fall into this trap and generate more lack instead.

Money is associated with negative feelings . Many people see having money as a constant struggle. So it is very difficult to have a positive experience visualizing or trying to attract money.

I’ll give you a fictitious example to highlight this point.

Mary, a 70 year old retired woman, wants to take a cruise that costs 3000 dollars.

She is retired and believes she cannot afford to pay that amount of money.  Attracting money  for her  means she keeps thinking about the  3000 dollars she hasn’t got. Regardless of whether she does it in a “positive” way.

She may see the money coming to her, receiving a $3000 check, etc. yet she is still thinking about what is separating her from the cruise of her dreams.

If  however she visualizes herself on the boat, on the cabins, on the deck, she is having a much more relaxed visualization.  The positive emotions of her enjoying the cruise remove the negative experience.

Here is where the magic can begin, she could perhaps get a discount on the cruise, win a free cruise, or realize that she can save that money.

The difference is that when she was  thinking about the money, she was concentrating on the separation from her desire, when she begins  thinking about the cruise, she is concentrating on achieving her desire.

In Business

This is also applies for business people. They can begin concentrating on the kind of life people they want to have working with them. Business people can visualize their business as attracting new clients, expanding, people enjoying and recommending their products or services. The emphasis here is on the success of providing quality service which will lead to making money. Once again shifting away from the negative thoughts money may conjure up for some people.


Professionals can picture themselves having their work recognized, doing their job well, being promoted. Those are usually visualizations that are easier to do than concentrating on attracting money, unless for instance someone hates their job and would quit it if only they had the money to make a living.

In this situation attracting money is once again  the separation from what they really want.

The person thinks that they can only quit their jobs or do something else if first they get a certain amount of money.

It would be more useful to think of getting another job one they enjoy. They might decide to make  their work more pleasant or go back to school.

When the focus is not on the lack of money, solutions can appear.

In summing up when you are working hard at attracting money into your life think about the pleasure and the good feelings the money will provide for you.

Focus on how you will feel when you have achieved it. Shift your focus away from how hard it is to acquire the money that you need.

Once you are generating these positive emotions you will begin to attract the resources and people you need to achieve your goals.

So if you have been  working hard at attracting money into your life and wondering why not you then you have probably been inadvertently stirring up negativity in your attempts.


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