Awaken you

Awaken you

Awaken you

Sometimes a quote has so much wisdom it is scary how close to the bone it can register.

Many people worry so much about others. They compare themselves and feel inferior about who they are.

This is wasted negative energy.

Eckhart Tolle says it best when he talks about what being stressed actually is. He explains that stress is caused by not appreciating where you are and wanting to be somewhere else.

If you live in the now!

There is nowhere else. It is now this moment.

Grasp it  and focus all your energy on living it the best way possible.

Your transformation begins when you begin to appreciate that the now is all you have.

Have you made choices based on what has happened to you in the past?

How does this impact on your decision making right now?

I am not advocating rushing in blindly and throwing caution to the wind mind you.

I am suggesting that you keep a clear mind and base your decision on all of the information you posses at your finger tips.

This may include what you have learnt from the past if you use it wisely.

Any baggage or negative emotions need to be left in the past.

Your decision making needs to be sharp and quick.

Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” tells us that a common trend amongst successful people is to weigh up situations and make up their minds quickly.

In fact when Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to write “Think and Grow Rich” he timed how long it took him to reach his decision.

Napoleon Hill decided very quickly and was given the opportunity to reveal Andrew Carnegie’s success formula to the world.

The message is loud and clear if you want to make a difference in this world of ours then begin with yourself and decide quickly.

Decide to leave no stone unturned until you awaken you.


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