Bad Habits | Change your thinking

bad Habits | change your thinking

bad Habits | change your thinking

Stop focusing on what you are not happy about, and start focusing on what will make you happy. Make room inside of you for that change, push out all the unhappiness that has been bottled up and replace it with happy thoughts about your perfect day.

Break your old habits and start new happy habits. It will not happen over night, they say it takes 21 days to change a habit and replace it with a new one..

Be persistent and stick with it for at least 21 days, and watch how your life changes.

The whole purpose of life is to pursue happiness!

To pursue happiness you have to change from the inside. You can change how you look, but until you change what is inside, you will always be the same. Change on the inside by saying affirmations, What a Great day!, It is so good to be alive!, or Today is the best day of my life!

When you focus on all the negative things in your life rather than the positive, you can be assured that you are heading in the direction of anxiety. Get rid of all the negative thoughts, what good do they really do you?

Are you tired of the way your life is, your business is?

Then Stop whining, make a change from the inside and become happy. Change your thoughts, change your life. It really is just as simple as that! Once you become happy with yourself you will be surprised how it changes everything else.

Do not get trapped in the, I have to be perfect syndrome?

Well, no one is perfect. If you really think about it, if everyone were perfect, what a boring world we would live in. Holding yourself to the highest of standards can be draining emotionally and physically. There is no reason to put yourself, or you family through that!

When you change your thoughts and accept yourself as you are you change your life.

The fastest way to achieve peace and harmony in your life is to change your thinking.

Here are 5 simple ways to achieve peace and harmony and lead yourself to happiness.

1. Observe Your Internal Chatter.

If you find your thoughts are negative or limiting, stop and replace those thoughts with positive ones. Your internal chatter is a good forecast to the direction your life is headed. Meditation is a good way to clear that negative chatter, and assist you in changing your thought process.

2. Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say.

Healthy communication is a key element in keeping peace and harmony in your life. Good communication eliminates being misunderstood, and prevents stressful situations. Saying what you mean not only gives you a sense of peace, you also earn the respect from others when they know you are true to your word.

3. Focus on the Positive Not the Negative.

Turn negative situations into positive ones. Everything happens for a purpose and a reason. Instead of complaining, and feeling wounded after a negative situation, stop and think about how you can change it into a positive one. Remember, you attract what you dwell on; positive attracts positive, and negativity attracts negativity. If your thoughts are negative and victimizing, you will attract exactly that into your life. What are your thoughts attracting?

4. Practice Guided Visualization.

This technique involves sitting comfortably, and listening to a tape or an instructor who guides you through a relaxing scenario. The setting is calm, tranquil, and peaceful allowing your mind and body to connect. You can create what you visualize, and with the aid of your subconscious mind, the possibilities are limitless!

5. Get Organized.

Organizing your surroundings, and managing your time wisely helps give you a clear head for making wise choices. Your choices are dependent on your thoughts that precede it. How can you make a wise decision if your thoughts are cluttered and unorganized? Start organizing your life now, and see how fast you can change your life. Thoughts are powerful, after all, everything ever created started with a thought. You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you have today. Taking control of your thoughts will give you a sense of stability, and with that stability brings peace and harmony.

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