Being all in

being all in

being all in

Being all in, what does it really mean?

You know when I joined mentoring for free an organisation designed to guide, help and mentor people building mlm or a network marketing businesses, the founder Michael Dlouhy spoke about being all in. I thought I knew what this meant so I worked hard at building my own network marketing business. You see I thought being all in was about immersing yourself with everything to do with the business. To a certain extent it does. Yet that is a very simplistic way of looking at it.

Being all in is much more than that.

It’s more about feeling at one with whatever you’re doing. I’ll tell you a story to explain this. I dont have to look very far to find a perfect example of being all in. My father a humble peasant from the south of Italy was at one with the land.  He lived on the land and used it to bear the fruits of his labor.  He spent time cultivating the land sowing the land and harvesting the land. The work was very hard and unrelenting, yet he never complained. He knew what he had to do and what produced the best outcome for his family.

He finally had to leave the land and emigrate to Australia. In Australia he worked as  a construction worker but still maintained an immaculate veggie patch for the family to have fresh fruit and veggies when ever they required them. Waking up at five o’clock in the morning to go and do his day job didn’t deter him from coming home and working on the veggie patch for two hours. You  see he was all in to producing amazing fresh veggies for his family. He could quite easily have gone to buy them, he certainly was making enough money.

His passion to cultivate and put food on the table never left him.

Now at the age of 79 he has retired from construction work but his passion for the veggie patch lives on. Now he spends six hours a day working on it. Does he have to, no, he could quite easily go and buy them, but as everybody knows you cant beat home grown veggies. So he takes great delight on being able to provide fresh veggies from his own garden to family friends and neighbors. He never ever asks for money either.

You see my dad sees working on the land as his life’s work.

He actually never considers it work, if he did he would not put in all those hours of watering, digging, planting and harvesting. He would just go out and buy them.  Yet he feels an affinity with his plot of land, for him it’s all about the food that can be produced for people to eat. It is all about their delight when they realize how amazing everything tastes. He takes great pleasure in bringing fresh zucchini to his family doctor. The doctor always compliments him on the amazing taste. He always says that he prefers the fresh grown produce to any other gift that he receives.

Yesterday I wrote a post about authenticity and passion, it just occurred to me that  I had an amazing example of what those two words really mean right before my eyes. The synergy of knowing your life’s purpose and following with unerring determination and consistency sums up my dad.

Back to the question of being all in.

You need to find something you really love doing and then devote your whole life to it. It will become an obsession, it will consume all of your time but it will all be worth it. The end result of such commitment is growing into your greatness.

Please share any experiences or insights or better still stories about being all in. If you want to read more about this topic I recommend  you click on the link.

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