Can green juicing help you lose weight?

Can green juicing help you lose weight

Can green juicing help you lose weight

It’s that time of the year again when everybody is busy getting their heads around what their new years resolution should be.

I have decided to finally try and stabilize my weight by investigating can green juicing help you lose weight?

In the past my weight has been like a roller coaster ride at Luna Park.

I am able to lose weight only to put it back on when I stop dieting. This has lulled me into a false sense of security because I believe I can take the weight off whenever I want to. There is some truth in this however it does become harder to do each time.

This year I am investigating can green juicing help you lose weight and an alkaline lifestyle as an option to help me detox and change my metabolism so the weight stays off. I like the idea of doing it once and then just maintaining the weight instead of having to work so hard each time to lose weight.

My plan is to walk daily and make up a fresh green juice everyday instead of a meal. The good news is that my plan seems to be working.

I have been doing this for five days now. 

The benefits so far have been:

  • I have lost five pounds
  • I have a lot more energy
  • I feel more mentally alert
  • My food cravings have been reduced
  • I don’t feel as hungry
  • Getting the whole family involved
  • Using home grown vegetables

The negatives have been:

  • Getting used to the taste
  • Finding organic ingredients
  • Organizing myself
  • Getting a juicer
  • Mixing the ingredients so that the juice tastes good
  • The cost of fresh vegetables
  • Finding good green juice recipes

The upside has been that the whole process is quite enjoyable and I am really enjoying my daily walk. This has enabled me to clear my mind and have plenty of energy throughout the day. I now feel good and enjoy waking up to a new day.

I will keep you posted periodically as to whether can green juicing help you lose weight and keep it off

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