At the age of 53 I decided to begin my career transition story.

Many people at 53 are thinking about how to spend their nest egg. Or contemplating their round the world travel adventure. Here I was thinking about starting a whole new career transition story. It was scary! It felt like I was ready to bunjy jump from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is even more frightening for me as I am scared of heights. Fortunately for me I maintained a keen interest in health, especially my own. I started taking some products that made me feel more energetic. I could now sleep soundly during the night and my knees didn’t lock up anymore.

I got to thinking that perhaps I could promote these incredible life changing products to others! After all who wouldn’t like to feel like they were ten years younger? It’s amazing how your passion for something can rub off. I started to have moderate success at promoting the products. It dawned on me that perhaps I could educate people about their health. It would be like an extension of my teaching. This had some merit and seemed to be a logical extension of my skills. The idea and the means from moving away from the 8.30 to 4.30 grind slowly began to take hold. I was embracing network marketing.

I was having success at selling products. Networking and building my own team was a different proposition. I was told to buy leads and use the inviting formula to introduce them into my business. It sounded easy, I could memorise the script. All I had to do was talk about the amazing products. Man that would do it.

I was very enthusiastic, yet the phone felt like it was made of lead. I had an amazing mentor, he had the gift of the gab. I reckon he could convince the Eskimos that they needed more ice. I tried very hard and I was an attentive student, but somehow the phone still felt like lead. I am sure the prospects could sense that on the other end of the line. Needless to say my results at trying to recruit people were dismal. What was I missing?

It seemed like my mentor was an authority when I listened in on his calls. He had posture and could lead the conversation whenever he wanted to. It came from experience and being successful. Now here was my dilemma, how could I have posture and feel successful at recruiting when I knew that I wasn’t. I worked hard and managed to recruit three people, two being my mum and sister. Unfortunately people were somehow evading me especially my friends. The three foot rule was becoming indeed difficult to use. Nobody wanted to be within thirty meters of me!                                                                                                                                                 

I had to somehow develop posture! This initiated a lot of soul searching and asking many questions. At first I couldn’t find the answers. They said it was my belief. I had to believe that Network Marketing was a genuine industry. I did believe that it was a genuine industry. I was advised to do more professional development. This I did. However the leads were getting expensive and the results were still non existent. I even had lead rage on one of my calls.

 A charming person had played a prank on one of her friends and signed her up for many business opportunities. When I contacted her she wasn’t at home, unfortunately for me her mum took the call. It seemed that they were fed up with the amount of calls they had received and had engaged the police to clear up the mess. All of a sudden I am part of a police investigation just for making a call to a potential prospect. Fortunately nothing came of it and I breathed a sigh of relief. All of a sudden the challenges of the classroom started to melt away like an iceberg in the Sahara desert. Yet something kept driving me I know I can be good at Network Marketing if only I had a system! These were my thoughts. Stay tuned for my next post about ask and you shall receive.




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