online mlm system that gives | Michael Dlouhy

online mlm system that gives | Michael Dlouhy

online mlm system that gives 

online mlm system that gives | Michael Dlouhy

online mlm system that gives | Michael Dlouhy

I always wondered how Michael Dlouhy could give so much away for free?

It’s all because he knows the five laws of stratospheric success.

The book the go giver provides you with five laws for achieving amazing success. I will highlight how the mentoring for free system uses these five laws to help its members achieve success.


Law number one is the law of value . Your true value is determined by how much more you give in value than you take for payment :

To give and serve others is a key component of Michael’s free mentoring and training system. He has created an online mlm system that educates and trains you from the day you enter it. You download his free ebook success in ten steps and the training begins. A mentor will contact you ready to serve for as long as you want them to. This is all for free. Now that is real value.

Law number two is the law of compensation. Your income is determined by the amount of people you serve.

To serve as many people as you can is also catered for. Michael Dlouhy’s online mentoring and training system is global. Once you have downloaded the free ebook from anywhere in the world the mentoring and training begins. So if you are in the 95% of failing network marketers you have a second chance to become successful.

It goes something like this, if you are sold on network marketing as an industry you somehow manage to find Michael’s ebook. The whole journey from then on completely changes. Success become a question of how badly do you want it?


Law number three is the law of influence.  Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

When you are a mentor with a servant’s heart putting your clients interest first is paramount to your success. The system works on the premise that you need to pay it forward. This means all of the mentoring and training you received needs to be shared with as many as people as you possibly can. You help them build their business no matter what company they are in. You serve without an agenda.

Law number four the law of authenticity. The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself .

Michael Dlouhy nails this one. His whole system is about growing and becoming more. This he assures everyone will make people gravitate towards you. Michael’s wisdom is uncanny for he provides a whole personal development component in his system. Once again it is free. So if you have not pulled the trigger on your mlm or professional network marketing business this may have been the missing component

Law number five is the law of receptivity. The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

This is brilliant! I am sure he used all of these laws in developing his system. As you teach and mentor others you actually receive so much yourself. Not only do they see you as their saviour and will do anything to keep you happy. The best part is you continue to learn and consolidate everything you were taught. This makes you open to receiving.


There it is a system to provide you with stratospheric success. Click on the link. Enter you details correctly. I will phone you to help you commence your success story.

Michael Dlouhy |mlm| online system

Michael Dlouhy |mlm| online system

Michael Dlouhy |mlm| online system

Michael Dlouhy |mlm| online system

Michael Dlouhy |mlm| online system

Hello and welcome to this amazing mlm online system created by Michael Dlouhy


No cold calling

Do you feel like the phone weighs like a lead weight as you begin to call your mlm clients for the first time?

Do you fumble for what to say as the anxiety builds up prior to making the call? Are you sick of getting rejections?

Especially when the leads you have bought have been recycled and you are calling  them about an mlm opportunityfor the third time.

Man this can build up some phone rage.


Remove cold calling

Michael Dlouhy’s vision when he created his mlm online system was to remove the rejection factor. Technology has enabled him to achieve this goal. The beauty of the system is that even before you make the call to your clients you have already built up a relationship with them. As soon as your clients download the classic ebook success in ten steps for free they begin receiving brilliant information by the amazing auto responders.


The next stage of the system as adapted by me is to track down the client on facebook. Let’s face it who isn’t on facebook these days? Once you have found them you begin to exchange messages with your client. This prepares the way for a very smooth call, rejection free. When I call clients now it is like they are waiting for me to call. Some even call me before I have the chance to call them. The beauty of it is that I dont buy leads any more. How do I get my clients then? I write articles and provide people with information . This keeps a steady stream of clients downloading the ebook and wanting to know about Michael Dlouhy’s online mlm system


The value you offer.

As a mentor of the system you are able to offer your clients amazing value. Not only can you offer them the same online mlm system that you are using. There is much more. Your clients have you to mentor them for as long as they want. You can point them to free personal development if they choose to grow into leaders. It gets better there are ten live and interactive weekly calls for your clients to participate in. Your clients and yourself can tap into a wealth of online resources and experience. It doesn’t stop there because this whole online mlm system is about ensuring your success. Michael Dlouhy has left nothing to chance he knows what failure and frustration feels like.

My promise to you

The promise I can make to you is that if you were to download the ebook at the bottom of the page all of these services would be available to you.

What are you waiting for the whole deal is value packed and there is no credit card required for the mentoring and training. You can use this online mlm system for any mlm or networking company.

Come and join us as we use Micheal Dlouhy’s mlm online system to save failing mlmers and network marketers all over the world.

Download your own free ebook classic success in ten steps. You are one step from succeeding.

online mlm marketing system | Green personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality

Online mlm marketing system | Yellow personality really comes in handy when you are talking to your client for the first time.

Calling your client for the first time.

You pick up the phone and congratulate your client for downloading Michael Dlouhy’s classic mlm ebook success in ten steps.

You ask them what led them to download the ebook? Your client responds with they’re interested in  starting up a home business and they are looking for information.

You reassure them that the ebook will definitely give them valuable information. You choose your next question carefully. What are you  trying to achieve by starting up a home business. They tell you that they want to send their children to a private school and go on a holiday with all of the family.

You are now starting to formulate what sort of personality your client has.  They are either a blue who love to have fun and travel or they are a yellow who love to be part of a team and family is very important to them.

Your next question should clinch the answer for you? So you politely ask them what sort of work they are currently doing. They respond by telling you that they work in a busy hospital as a nurse.

The conversation continues for a while and you build up picture of a person who is very family oriented, works in a job that serves people and answers all your questions when asked. This gives you the information you were looking for. Yes you have determined that your client is a yellow open personality who is all about helping others. Sometimes to their own detriment as they think of others so much that they neglect themselves.

Here is your mlm online marketing cheat sheet.

 Michael’s Color Detector Chart
(Can You find all  9 hot spots and what they do?)

Online mlm marketing coaching tips for a yellow personality

Yellow:  open and indirect  

If the person does NOT consistently demonstrate more concern for others than for themselves, they are not Yellow. 

Now the person who comes up is casually dressed. They have Birkenstock sandals on, and blue jeans. Very casual. This is a comfortable person. They walk at a slower pace. They have an easy smile.

And they say “Mentor me!”

“OK. Here’s what I know about you. You are an amazing person. All your friends think you are the greatest listener they’ve ever known. You are dependable. You’re very patient. And you’re nurturing. You love people, and you’re a team player. You have some outstanding strengths.

There are some problems you need to work on. You’re oversensitive. You take things personally. You always conform. You’ll buy other people’s excuses. And You don’t ever set goals. You’re not goal-oriented.

So for me to help you, coach you, mentor you, I’d get You to understand how to not take things personally.

Online mlm marketing coaching practise for yellow personality.

Ok so you think the information is great and you would like to know more. I can give you heaps more information about the topic. However I can do even better than that I can plug you into a free online mlm marketing training system that allows you to practise this information. Are you interested?

If you are download the free ebook success in ten steps by Michael Dlouhy. You can do this by clicking on the link. Once you are on the splash page you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. We do not share your information. It is for my records only and so I can contact you to explain the system and plug you into the training.