Challenge yourself to become the best you!

Challenge yourself to become the best you

Challenge yourself to become the best you

As we all approach the end of 2012 and begin to think about our new years’ resolutions I stumbled across this quote by Tony Robbins.

It really sums up all of your news years resolutions in one giant hit. “Challenge your life to become a masterpiece !”  Very powerful words indeed! How many people even think that their life can become a masterpiece? It of course begins with thinking big and wanting to make changes in your life that will create your masterpiece.

Too many people are trapped by their thinking. If you cannot shred away the barriers and the limitations your thinking places on you then your masterpiece has a very limited appeal to you or for that matter anybody else.

These limitations grip you with fear when you try something new. They keep you within your comfort zone and control the width and breath of the masterpiece you can create. I see people all around me complaining  and making excuses. They waist so much time on this, it’s always somebody elses fault as to why their life is the way it is!

My learned mentors Michael Dlouhy and Tom Big Al schreiter  have a classic saying for this one.

“Who is at the scene of the crime every time?”

It’s amazing how happy life loving energetic people seem to always attract good things into their lives?

On the other hand people who complain and make excuses seem to attract more of the same things to complain and make excuses about.

Bob Proctor of the secret tv show fame sums it up best when he talks about humans being the only creatures on the planet that don’t fit in with their environment. Now the reason for this  is not because we are inferior but because we are the only  ones with the creative imagination to create our own environments.

This is a little scary because it makes you stop and think about the sort of life you want to live. It makes you stop and look around at what you have and what your life is like right now? It makes you ask how and why did I create this for myself?

That is exactly what Bob Proctor did. He asked himself what do I really want out of life? He certainly didn’t want to keep earning $4000 dollars a year at the age of 26. He didn’t believe he was very smart. Yet he discovered  a book  ” think and grow rich”  by Dr Napoleon Hill and a personal coach to help him understand it.

He applied what he learned from the book and his coach. He sought out a service that people needed. At the time it was cleaning floors. He then provided this service to as many people who required it. He began cleaning offices all over America. He made a lot of money.

Bob Proctor then decided to find out why he did what he did? How did it all come about? he spent nine years studying this and when he found out  he began teaching others how to do it too.

You see he created his masterpiece and then set out to help others do the same.

Now you may think I am an affiliate for Bob Proctor’s personal development courses. I can assure you this is not the case and you will not find any links here to sign up for his courses. I am using his story as an example of how you can create a masterpiece of your life.

The first and most important part of  it is to challenge yourself to become the best you, is to know what your desire is.

Once you know what it is and you begin to think about it any time your mind wonders, it will become your dominant thought. This is not easy to do.

Another brilliant quote by Tony Robbins explains this process.

Creating your masterpiece can cause a war inside you

Creating your masterpiece can cause a war inside you

Erasing your  previous Programming.

Your self talk is made up of your genetic link and your environment. It pretty much determines what you think about. You can allow this to remain your self talk and the way you think. If you are happy with this then please stop reading this post. If however you want to discover who you really are and what your masterpiece can look like when it is controlled by you then please read on.

You can control your self talk by reprogramming it. Start repeating out loud as many times as you can what you really want out of life. Say it as if you have already achieved it. Feel the power of what you say. You will know its working when it begins to challenge your previous thoughts. You will know because a war will start raging inside your head. Don’t worry you are not going crazy. It is the process of erasing what you have been comfortable accepting all of this time as compared to getting out of your comfort zone to create that masterpiece you deserve.

Please comment on how you felt when you began to say the self talk to create your masterpiece. Share your experiences with our readers. If you have any questions about this process please ask the so that I can answer them as we explore how to create the masterpiece of your  life.

I will write about the personal development  path that I have taken over the last two years and share my insights with you. I truly believe this is a crucial element to creating the masterpiece of your life.

Unfortunately our education system does not really equip us with creating that masterpiece, for most people it begins when they really begin to reflect what their life is all about. Some people are lucky enough to be exposed to this from an early stage due to somebody close to them guiding and mentoring them to explore it.

If you really want to challenge yourself to become the best you and create the masterpiece of your life then stay tuned and explore it with our readers.




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