Change your thoughts | change your life

Focus on the good things in life it will help you  to see those good things, when they come along the path.

change your thoughts change your world

change your thoughts change your world

Everything’s there all the time – black and white, good and bad, night and day, love and hate, laughing and crying, peace and war – everything’s there all the time.

The quality of your life depends on the things you focus on.

Change your thoughts is an essential step into a better life, but this does not mean it is enough or even the main work.

I have to admit one of the most valuable things I have learned in my professional journey is the ability to change your emotional state at any given time, by choice.

This in itself is so empowering, you can do a complete 360 in how you feel and behave just by practicing this one strategy.

Many people nowadays tell you to change your thoughts to change  your life.

But is it that easy? I think success instead of failure and – snip – there it is. I think money instead of debt and – snip – there it is.

The choice is yours and it is only you that decides what something means to you. By changing the way you view things, you can change your emotional state and therefore change the outcome of the situation.

You have to change your thoughts not only one time, you have to make it a habit to think positive – to think success – to think money – to think health.

If it is true that thoughts become things, then you created your results. If you are not content with your results, you probably have to change your thoughts to change your life to get better results.

It is important to realize that you choose how you respond to any situation. It is not the situation or event that caused you to feel angry or upset it is the meaning that you attach to that event. For example; you are at a function alone and no-one is attempting to talk to you.

This is also a hard step for many people. Discipline requires you to do things you do NOT always want to do. They are unpleasant, inconvenient, mundane etc, but is essential for success. Someone said that 80% of success is just showing up every day. If you are not a very disciplined person, you may want to get help from someone to “coach” you through it.Someone that you can be accountable to. Someone who will not feel sorry for you when you want to quit. They will “discipline” you, externally, until you can do it internally.

Most “bad habits” come naturally, or easily. We do them without even thinking. So, to make changes, that is to say, turn bad habits into good habits, requires effort. Lots of effort. We naturally tend to avoid effort where ever and when ever we can. Thus making it hard.

Replace the negative steps with the positive ones you seek to change. In many cases, just the opposite will be pretty close to being the right ones.

The previous step will (probably) be the hardest one. This one is simple in comparison. The thing here is to “take action“. It’s not enough to identify the steps, work out what they should be, as opposed to what they are, and then feel good that you have done something. No, you have merely identified, NOT changed anything yet. You have to take action, implement the “new” steps.

HOW you want the end result to look like will motivate you, along with the WHY. It will give you the clear goal that you need to know when you arrive, or, if you have not yet arrived.

If your “why” is not strong enough, you will quit early, and fail. Just because you “should”, or it “seems like a good idea”, will probably not do. Make sure you have a valuable reason, so that you “stay the course”!

Just because it’s hard, is not to say, it’s impossible. There is a process to help achieve the results you want. It is in effect a simple process, that requiers discipline. Another trait that many lack, or are weak in. So, let me list the process I believe works. I know it works because it’s the process I have been using in my own life.

I have to ask you this question, “are you SERIOUS?” about changing thing(s) in your life? We all want change, at some time or other, but wanting, or wishing won’t do it! It takes ACTION and a serious COMMITMENT!

Change your thoughts and change your life.


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