Are you coach-able

Are you coach-able

Are you coach-able

Are you coach-able or do you think you have all the answers? What do you do when you are given advice?

Sometimes it is much easier to hear what you want to hear!

Many people love to talk and listen to the sound of their own voice.

Are you one of these people?

We live in a noisy world and everybody seems to be getting louder.

When I pose the question above “are you coach-able” I am reminded of my under 17s cricket team.

The team meetings and discussions we have seem to just fly out the door when game day comes around.

The whole scenario plays out differently to the way we planned it.

Is it because they have not listened?

Or is there something else taking place here?

Mind you this is a very tricky age. There is so much taking place in their lives and they already seem to know everything about the world.

Listening and taking appropriate action does not seem to be one of their strong points.

What does being coach-able even mean?

A teacher, a guide and a mentor will provide advice for you. What you do with the advice becomes your chance to grow. You can take it up, modify it or just dis guard completely it and do your own thing. Choosing to do it your own way is ok if you take the advice on board and use it to guide you.

If however you blatantly refuse to listen and stubbornly go about doing things your way. You will surely make the mistakes that you were being taught to avoid.

That’s ok because you only learn through your mistakes anyway.

I say to you, take the advice on board tweak it, use it to fit in with who you are.

Life is learning!

if you don’t listen and take on board what is being taught to you then you are choosing to swim upstream.

Why do that?

Ultimately it’s your choice.

You can choose to be coach-able or you can develop an air of arrogance and try to do everything yourself.

In my experiences I have discovered that to be a good follower will ultimately make you are a good leader.

To be a good follower you have to respect your leader and the advice that is being presented for you.

This will help you to become coach-able.

So once again I pose the question are you coach-able?

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