How do you deal with mixed feelings

How do you deal with mixed feelings?

How do you deal with mixed feelings?

Your feelings are a very important indicator of how things will turn out for you. In fact many personal development gurus will tell you that what you are feeling is what you attract back to yourself.

What happens when you get a constant flow of mixed feelings?

Has this happened to you?

Lately I have been doubting my direction for 2014? You see every time I have set weird and wonderful ambitious goals that is what they have remained.  Too weird and wonderful to even be contemplated as worthy of attention.

My last episode was when I set my goal of being an ecommerce success story as a cricket store specialists.

I had everything lined up for me to accomplish my goal. I was at the stage of putting cricket products into my store and looking forward towards the launch of my site. This is when all the problems started. You see to get supplies from cricket manufacturers you had to have a brick and mortar business. This is something we did not have. Unfortunately there was no getting around this. The project has been put on hold until we can find a solution to this situation.

Prior to this episode I was working as a network marketer and enjoying the journey I was on. My goal in this venture was of course to be  a successful network marketer. Unfortunately the progress was very slow and the success to few and far between. This made me lose confidence in my ability to help others succeed.

I have been writing my blog now for just on three years. It began as a way to get leads for network marketing and this was very successful. I now get many hits from people who are interested in mlm or network marketing. Whilst this is a good thing I have in fact moved away from doing network marketing.

You can see where I am going with this. My enthusiasm hard work and drive did not allow me reach the level of success I projected for myself.

Am I going to give up?

The answer is no. You see I believe I have made a very special effort this year to change everything about the mixed feelings I have been getting.

I now realize that feeling good is the primary source of success.

Prior to this I was not feeling good. I over focused on results or lack of them and my health was not quite up to what it should be.

My primary focus this year is to feel good.

This begins with making my health the number one priority. To this extent I have commenced an increased exercise program which involves a one hour walk every day as well as playing competitive cricket.

My weight has been up and down like a yo yo for many years now and I want to stabilize it so that I can feel good about myself.

So far I have been doing a green juice fast for the last four days and I am happy to report that it is working.

The first two days were difficult but on the third day I suddenly had more energy and virtually no cravings after drinking a green juice. Click on the link if you want more information about green juicing.

I am also pleased to report that I have lost 3kgs in weight which is slightly over seven pounds.

I am feeling better with more energy and renewed enthusiasm towards my continuing quest to attract massive success.

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