Declutter your life

declutter your life

declutter your life

Declutter your life, is this a priority for you in 2014?

This weekend we celebrated Australia Day at my cousin’s farm in Heathcote . He moved away from the city to simply his life and in doing so to remove the clutter in his life. The idea was brilliant and the intentions were too, however the clutter still remains.

My cousin has a way of hording stuff and just letting it pile up until he gets around to organizing it at a later date. This works for him because he always remembers which pile to look in if he is searching for something.

The whole scenarios is further complicated by the negativity of family and friends. It seems that he is in big demand to help out when they need him. This is all well and good. He genuinely likes to help people. Yet it is now becoming a bit of a burden because all his so called friends expect him to be there for them, yet not many are there for him?

The situation is now making him depressed. 

This is where it is time for him to prioritize what is important and to begin to organize himself so that he doesn’t feel like he is being hemmed in.

He said that 2014 is a “time for him to get organized!”

He is making  a good start yesterday he spoke about purchasing a large shed so that he can begin decluttering his possessions. This will enable him to sort out his things and throw out what he doesn’t want.

What are you doing to declutter your life?

Do you see it as an important thing to do?

How could you get organized so clutter does not hold you back from doing the things you want to do?

Is it just a matter of sorting everything out into it’s rightful spot or do you have to change the way you think about your possessions?

Please share your experiences with our readers.

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