Desire to have a desire

Desire to have a desire

Desire to have a desire

Desire to have a desire, could it be that some people don’t even know that they have this choice to make?

This is a a discussion about what makes some people live out their lives in a positive, way while most people however just conform to the situation they find themselves in.

Often I see people who say that they just go along with the flow.

What does going along with the flow mean?
Is it that they are prepared to accept what ever is thrown their way?

Our society has ways of controlling people by stifling their desire.
It’s like smothering somebody with over protection.

A person is made to believe that they are totally dependant
upon their carers. This makes it very difficult for people to desire to have desire.

Any creativity or change is seen us upsetting the current situation. People see this as a rebellious act.
Suddenly somebody is challenging the way everybody has done certain things for hundreds of years.
Right throughout society and also entrenched in companies there is a pecking order.
Each level of the ladder of power has it’s own set of rules.
What’s more amazing is that there is a whole army of people ready to enforce these rules.
It is often done in a selfish way to protect their own turf.

The programming that has been built into everybody or should I say most people, is one of
dependancy on the system. This dependency is enforced  by controlling  its members through fear.

Fear of being different!

In my last post I wrote about stepping up a white hot burning desire.
It just occurred to me as I played with my son how some people dont even know that they can decide.

So I am thinking that learning how to think and not what to think is really important.
Many people in the world are prepared to tell you what to think and sometimes this can be beneficial.

However if you are constantly taught what to think, your ability to think for yourself comes into question.

This raises some huge concerns about the ability to desire to have desire. A burning desire
needs to come from within. It needs to be nutured and developed into a white hot
burning desire with emotion and passion for it to come to a reality.

How can people who are taught what to think and programmed to conform create such a situation?
The programming of dependency is strong and controls any urges they may have to change it.

This programming needs to be changed.
A person needs to realise the constraints previous programming
is having on them. Only then can they start to impliment some changes.

Often it’s a radical event in a person’s life that send light bulbs flashing off  in their heads. This can be in the
form of some tragice event or time itself. The passing of time and accrued wisdom over that time can
lead to this realisation.

Ok then we have established that the desire to have desire can be awakened in a person, if the
previous programming of conforming and not taking risks is erased.


Loddy Micucci

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In my next post I will elaborate on how to change the programming and to start nurturing
the desire to have desire.

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