Do affirmations really work ?

Do affirmations really work?

Do affirmations really work?

Do affirmations really work is a fascinating question . “Not really,” she answered. “I do them all the time but they don’t seem to be doing anything. I’ve read about the law of attraction – that like attracts like – and I’m trying to just think positive thoughts. I wonder why it isn’t working? Maybe the law of attraction isn’t real.”

“The problem is that most affirmations are stated from the conscious level of your mind. But there is another level, a subconscious level, that is also thinking thoughts, and these thoughts might be the complete opposite of the affirmation.”

Another thing you are fighting with is actually the powerful associations and programmed elements that are already in your subconscious mind. They have been there for a pretty long time and since your mind was developing they have been strengthening the hold on the psychological and physiological aspect of our being. So these, and some other mental elements and of course the monotony curse will simply fight to prevent any progress. This is why positive affirmations, while easy to execute, also take some work as well. Surely, you would realize by now that nothing in life will be easy and if you want to improve your mind, you need to work for it.

One thing about the subconscious mind is that you do not have much access to it at all and when we are trying to get into the deep recesses of the cortex to actually affirm messages into the matrix of the subconscious, you will always run into a few stumbling blocks. One of these is the logic thought processes within the mind, which hangs around the conscious mind, it will try to reason that these messages are really just spoken messages and add to the fact that you are not used to doing this, your inertial will also help to constrict these messages.

How you can use affirmations to create hunches and inspirations into reality.

You get a nudge, a yearning a desire or idea from the super conscious Universal Mind. You then build upon it through affirmations, written, spoken aloud or to your self.

The seed is planted in the subconscious mind and it commences growing your wish into reality. Like planting seeds in rich fertile soil. An affirmation is like watering newly planted seeds. Affirmations are the garden tenders that help your desire seeds grow into reality.

Like gardeners it takes hard work, commitment and a great deal  of positive energy to begin to see the fruits of your labor.

You will know that affirmations are working for you by the way you feel.

Your feelings are a barometer of the way your life is playing out.


“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. So rather than ignoring your feelings or numbing them out with various addictions,

it is vitally important to notice your feelings, as they are alerting you to whether or not your subconscious thoughts are positive or negative.

You manifest when you think thoughts that move your heart and soul with a sense of passion and purpose. These thoughts are always thoughts that are about loving yourself and others, never thoughts about controlling others or outcomes.”

So going back to the original question do affirmations really work in conclusion they work if you are prepared to do the hard work to bring them to life.

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