Do you have specialized Knowledge

Do you have specialized knowledge

Do you have specialized knowledge

Do you even consider the knowledge you have or are you just absorbing things like a sponge?

In “think and grow rich” chapter four on specialized knowledge by Dr. Napoleon Hill we are enlightened on what real knowledge and education is.

An educated person is one who knows how to think and develop themselves as a person.

Did you learn heaps of useless information at school and try to store it away and regurgitate it for some test? What did you do with the information after you were told how much of it you could remember?

Dr. Napoleon Hill describes at length that real knowledge is power, not just any form of knowledge. When he talks about real knowledge he refers to learning something that you can transfer and apply to your life. He even goes onto say that our whole educational system needs a major revamp.

We should structure courses so students know exactly what they want to do.

Once students know what they want to do then the knowledge they acquire will be directly related to what they will become. How much time would be saved by such a radical overhaul?

Knowing what you want out of life is about learning how to think.

You begin to appreciate that there are no limits and you begin with the end in mind. Once you can see who you want to be and where you want to be then you can begin to acquire the knowledge you need to get there.

This makes a whole lot more sense than just acquiring knowledge and then hope  that you have enough to help you build your goals and dreams.

In most cases this is not enough.

You eventually realize that on the job training and further specialized education is required to provide you with the specialized knowledge you require to reach your goals.

This is really interesting because it sums up why so many people get stuck in dead end mundane jobs that they do until they eventually retire.

Many people stop acquiring useful knowledge. Or are too scared to apply what they have learnt because it means moving out of their comfort zone.

This is so sad because they have formed habits that place limiting beliefs on what they are capable of. I wonder how many people actually realize the power of their imagination?

Looking around me I would say not many because if it were the case would there be so many just wasting time or getting caught up in negative drama.  Why do people spend so much time on all of the negative things that happen within our society?

Is it lack of imagination, boredom or a lack of self worth?

Build an idea, have faith in it that it will succeed. Acquire specialized knowledge add heaps of imagination and creativity and work towards achieving greatness.

Your greatness. 

It’s time to reinvent yourself!

Want to learn how to begin?

Click on the How to reinvent yourself link and discover how

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