Do you live in a bubble ?

Do you live in a bubble

Do you live in a bubble

Living in a bubble could have incredible advantages:

  • No negativity to contend with
  • Your time is your own
  • No demands being placed on you
  • No power struggles to contend with
  • Your ego would be contained
  • You could meditate all day long
  • No pollution
  • You could feel good about you

It could also have some draw backs:

  • It could be lonely
  • You would have to sort out all your problems by yourself
  • You would have no idea what the rest of the world is doing
  • You would have no concept of time
  • You would not know about what other people are thinking

It seems like life can be like you are living in a bubble a times. You lose connection with what the rest of the world is doing. Some people deliberately set out to do exactly that. On the other hand some people just don’t seem to be able to fit in. The more they try to be noticed and liked by everybody the worst it gets. Trying to please everybody just doesn’t work.

You get one chance at life and the best you can do is to live it the way you want to. The more you try to please people the further you take yourself away from your authentic self.

I have seen it all too often. There are a group of individuals amongst us who have a kind  heart and want to serve others. They are called the the team players people who want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They do this at their own expense that is they forget to look after themselves. I can speak from direct experience here because my mother falls into this category. She has spent most of her life giving and serving others. Now at  a time when she needs help and care she is finding it very difficult to receive the attention she deserves. She in fact fights it off and this makes it very difficult for people to help her. Deep down she abhors being needy. To her it seems like her world is caving in on her and that she can no longer be the person who provides the assistance. It is frustrating to watch because she could relax and feel fortunate that she is not on her own in her time of need. Instead this makes her feel worse. In trying to accommodate and please everybody else she has forgotten to look after the most important person, herself.

The best way to help everybody else is to help yourself first. 

To a certain extent you need to create a bubble around you that is impervious to outside destructive influences that stop you from reaching your greatness. The magical part about the the last sentence is that everybody can strive to be great. We tend to look for outside influences and stimuli to validate that we are doing amazing things. My mother is a classic example of this she does not feel good about herself because she cannot see that she is being useful to other people any more? Yet she has not stopped to think about how much she has done for others over the course of her life.  She has not taken the time to feel good about herself and grow into her own greatness. She has instead been tied to serving others without realizing the extent of what she was doing and how much of a difference it was making. This in turn became a situation whereby others took advantage of her generosity. This soured the whole experience for her . It becomes a bit of a vicious cycle because it begins to happen more often and she begin to dwell on the negativity associated with the experience.

Looking after yourself first seems a much better choice in the whole scheme of things.

When you are happy and living life to the fullest you are a shining beacon for all to see. This modelling of what is possible inspires many to believe they can also do it. It is this empowerment of what people can achieve that makes the difference. So whilst living in a bubble can have advantages and disadvantages the life you tailor for yourself is like creating your own little world. One that you are in control of and can shape according to your choices. So choose wisely and be confident that you were meant to shine.

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