Do you really want to give up

Do your really want to give up?

Do your really want to give up?

Ok so you are feeling miserable. Your world seems to be coming down on you. The more you try the harder it is to make good choices.


Is giving up the answer?

Stop! Reflect! Is there a message here that you need to change course?

Often we don’t take the time to step outside of the situation and see it for what it is. My good friend, life coach and online entrepreneur from The Uk talks about life sending you messages.

How we interpret those messages can be a choice we make. We don’t have to just give up and start all over again.

No we can  use what we have accomplished and adapt to the new situation.

You never really start all over again anyway.

You have learnt so much. You always come away from a situation with a wiser approach to your next decision.

Having said that it can  also be baggage that you take away with you. This is not so wise.

So is giving up really an option?

No it isn’t because depending on how you respond to your current situation, it will impact on your next decision.

One quote that has really helped me get my head around this idea is ” Some days you win and for the rest of the time you learn”

Losing only comes into the picture if you have not learnt anything from the experience.  Or worse still if you allow it to crush you so that you totally give up.

My experience of this has left a very vivid and long lasting memory.

I’ll tell you the story.

Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood his partner and myself have been working together for two years now. Blogging was the reason we met up. I forgot to mention that Larry Lewis’s passion is blogging, to cut a long story short the two years we have worked together has seen us try many ventures.

Whilst we have been successful and now run successful ecommerce shops the journey has been dotted with many course corrections.

The corrections we have made have always indicated that we need to be following our passions in life. I am a mentor and a teacher, Larry is a life coach and a personal development guru, Neil is an SEO and technological wiz.

The three of us make a formidable organization for guiding and mentoring people to become successful online.

This has led us to developing a platform called The Never Give up Teachings. We will use this platform to help people when they are their wits end and ready to give up.

We believe we are very qualified to advise, mentor and inspire people to reflect and make good decisions about their next move.

Most of the time it will not be about giving up.

Instead we will work out what the real message is.

Once that information is clear then we will tailor a program for each client to learn from what they have achieved and use it to find their passion and succeed.

The path for us has always been to help others succeed. That is what we are good at and that is the reason all our other ventures are just that ventures. We need The Never Give Up teachings Platform just as much as the people who we will make a difference with need it.

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