Don’t get sucked into their negative drama

Dont get sucked into their negative drama.

Dont get sucked into their negative drama.

Dont get sucked into their negative drama , find ways to  protect yourself from negative puking people?


When you engage with negative people or are having negative thoughts you actually drain energy from your system. Let’s say for arguments sake that you begin each day with a hundred points of positive energy. Each time you have a negative thought you lose five points of energy. Each time you engage with negative people you lose ten points of energy. What will your day look like if this pattern continues. It will result in a total positive energy fade out. Guess what will replace it instead?

So how do we protect ourselves from engaging in this energy drain?

When  you have a negative thought just say stop it and move on to a new more pleasing positive thought. I call this the stop it missile because it blows up negativity in it’s tracks.

In the case of negative people you can masterful turn the conversation into the positive. Or you can ask them to stop being so negative and change the situation. If this doesn’t work move away from them. Your positive energy is too precious for you, so don’t get sucked into their negative drama.


Emotional independence.

What is emotional independence? It goes something like this, when you know that you are perfect just the way you are then you are able to continually feel good about yourself no matter what happens.

So loving the person you are allows you to live within the positive emotions of faith,love, romance joy, desire, enthusiasm, prosperity and sex.  When you are immersed within these emotions, then life is worth living. You suddenly attract all of the positive things, dreams and desires that you have ever wanted.

The world becomes your oyster.

Don’t get sucked into their negative drama becomes a non event. You will just skim passed it and not even notice it. You will be to busy living and enjoying life to its fullest.

You will be continually topping up those hundred plus positive energy points and there will be no drain on the system.

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