Early Morning | Laziness

early morning | laziness

early morning | laziness

Early Morning inspirations are worth waking up to.

Are you a writer? What is your best time to write with inspiration and fluency?

The alarm shrills at 5.00am. I turn over and let it keep ringing for a few minutes. Sometimes I wonder why I just don’t turn it off. I have all day to write my articles. yet I also know it will take all day if I dont rise from my slumber and get to work. I have been reading “The Road Less travelled by  M. Scott Peck. M.D and one of the key messages within the book is that we are inherently lazy. This stifles our creative ability and spiritual growth. In my case I would say that this statement is so true. You see I know that the still morning when all thoughts are quiet and immersed in dreams is the best time for me to think clearly about my writing. Yet instead of bouncing out of bed ready to create and solve problems for my readers. I procrastinate and think about what it would be like to staying bed for another hour or two. I virtually have to will myself out of bed.

The morning routine begins, I read somewhere I think it was a facebook article that drinking water early in  the morning is very good for you. So I slowly drink three large glasses of water. It makes me feel better and it seems to wake up my whole body. The only downside so far is that you make many pit stops throughout the morning. I must say that I have felt very invigorated by drinking the water early in the morning. The many health benefits that come from this morning ritual definitely outweigh the increased toilet breaks. There you see the laziness coming out again. I am actually looking for excuses not to drink the water. It is a battle of wills.

My subconscious mind is full of procrastination. It seems like it is full of excuses?  Sometimes I wonder to myself how I get to achieve the things I do?

It really hits home when you think about the lazy character and nature of most individuals. What is this programming that will not allow you and me to believe that life is worth living. Why do we err on the side of caution and the least amount of work? It seems that it is a barrier almost like an electric fence put up by our subconscious mind to block out risk taking. Is it a survival mechanism?

This way of looking at life is the norm? Yet by switching our thoughts to an I can do attitude we can learn to grow creatively and spiritually? It really does not make much sense. We are very complex individuals with the power to achieve greatness within our lives. Yet most of us choose mediocrity.  This really explains why so few people are financially free and time free.

Do you think the only thing stopping us from achieving this greatness is taking action and banishing laziness?

Taking action removes procrastination and blocks laziness, the two cannot exist. Once you take action and get started a whole new world of opportunities open up for you.  You need to make decisions based upon your direction and what you need to do. It’s almost like you will make things happen.

Today I didn’t have a clue as to what i was going to write about. Infact I just forced myself to begin thrashing about ideas. Somehow my subconscious mind zeroed in this lazy procrastinating mindset that I can adopt at times. It really has me thinking about situations in my life where I made excuses and put things off as compared to taking the bull by the horns and ploughing on regardless of consequences.

I am trying to think of the worst that happened in both situations. I know that making excuses and procrastinating  usually keeps me in my comfort zone and results in not achieving very much. Where as taking the bull by the horn can be risky and present all sorts of problems to solve. I guess I have to decide how to live my life. Do I want to stay in my comfort zone and just accept a nice smooth ride that will only challenge a small portion of what I am capable of. Or do I want to push out those boundaries and find out just what I am capable of?

What would you do please share your thoughts on this. Do you take action or do you suffer from laziness and procrastination?

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