Ego and autosuggestion!

ego and autosuggestion

ego and autosuggestion

I am having a problem with what ego really is. My auto suggestion
tells me it’s the loud people forever wanting attention. They’re the ones
with the big ego.

Us shy reserved Greens we don’t do that! Yes all the loud people who
are crying out for attention they are the ones with the big egos!

Hey wait a minute, is it acquiring money that is the problem or is it
the love of money that is the problem.
This seems to be one of those conundrums?

Maybe my programming is all messed up? All my life my auto suggestion has been
play down your true ability for you don’t wont to show off!

Man is this ego! A superiority complex or what? Yet I thought it was an inferiority

I told you my programming is all messed up!

Is it fear of criticism that brings you inwards to a feeling that everybody else
has a big ego because they are loud and show off?

I am starting to realise that to serve others you have to reach out and show that you care.

Withdrawing and playing it safe just wont cut it.

When you are insular and withdrawn you are telling the universe to leave you alone!
Even though it’s asking you to let it in and help you.

My realisation is strengthened as I see the difference that reaching out can make.

Suddenly people smile and talk to you, its like you have allowed a light to be switched
on. The light never falters and the loud so called big egos change lives, they are infectious
and make people smile.
They are the ones making a difference!

I guess the ego can dominate and be the driving force for just being loud without any
purpose to serve others. This would be what arrogance is all about.

So where am I going with this?

The point I am trying to make is that if your intention is to serve others and really
care about the people you come into contact with you need to reach out.

Even though this can be construed as having a big ego, if your intentions are to
help then it cant be bad!

However I recall and still slip back into thinking maybe they don’t want anything to do with me.
I’ll talk to them later.

It’s not the right time, I’ll call tomorrow.

Is procrastination some form of ego?
Not wanting to reach out because of the fear of criticism.
Waiting for the perfect time and delaying as long as possible.

Is this really saying that the other person is not worth your time?  Who has the big ego now?

With every chapter and turn of the page there is a new twist and turn to unravel from your

I hope I can sort out that mixed up programming soon.

To this amazing mastermind group I am indebted for this journey of self discovery
and the clarity to dig deep and clear out all the negative autosuggestion.

Thank you Michael and Linda for your vision and inspiration to allow us to grow
into who we are meant to be.

Love you all
Loddy Micucci


Loddy Micucci

cell 61 0437742108

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