ego | compassion

ego | compassion

ego | compassion

Where there is ego there is no compassion

Help me out here I am trying to understand what is more important in obtaining the success you and everybody else deserves.

I look around me and see that many of the so called successful people posses an amazing ego. They know how to win everybody over and seem to always be in the right place at the right time. They know who to talk to and networking is easy to them.

It feels like they ooze confidence and in doing so attract success to themselves. They seem to show no compassion and can be unscrupulous in their attempts to succeed.

They know what they want and throw all their energy into getting it as quickly as possible.

On the other side of the coin is a person who shows compassion and shows gratitude for the people in their lives and the things they posses. This type of person is content to allow others to succeed. More often than not they don’t like the limelight and want to remain behind the scenes and serve as many people as they possibly can. They seem to be the people who work hard and are taken for granted?

Wayne Dyer in his book excuses begone suggests that it is the second type of person who is connected to the source and will eventually attract success to themselves. It is this quietening of the ego that will enable you to show compassion and serve others. When you do this it is in keeping with nature and facilitated by the source to help you obtain whatever you are striving for. He basically states that there is no place for ego on this journey of self discovery and finding your true purpose.

The paradox here is that it seems that ego driven people are the ones who seem to have all of the success. Where as the compassionate person seems to be over shadowed by the ego.

Is it long term success or short term success?

Is one type of success short lived in that whilst outwardly they seem to be super successful but in the wash up of it all it’s fickle and prone to destruction and failure? In other words the ego driven success just peters out because the ego wants more and more causing it to eventually crash and burn.

Where as the compassionate serving type of success grows and continues to grow because it is built on forging strong relationships that are nurtured and treasured for ever.

Being compassionate begins with forgiving yourself.

How often do you neglect to give yourself a break. It is often the case that you are prepared to forgive everybody else but you beat yourself up in your mind over and over again for what you did?

It is very hard to be compassionate towards other people if you don’t forgive yourself.

Fixing you to a point where you can forgive yourself and love the person looking back at you in the mirror is crucial if you want the long lasting success.

Accepting that you have made mistakes and that you did so based on what you knew at the time and not what you know now is the beginning of forgiving yourself.

Hind site is a wonderful thing however we don’t have the luxury of hind site to help is in our decision making process. It is only when you have lived through the problem that you have grown to a new level of awareness.

This is when you have the power of hind site to think about the situation differently. So take it as a necessary evil to have to go through situations and problems in order to gain the wisdom of hind site and to help you grow.

A very powerful statement that I read recently might help to put this into perspective. It goes something like this ” wise people embrace problems as an opportunity to solve problems to grow stronger and wiser”  It is believed that unless you encounter situations that force you to use your creative potential then you will not unleash it. Having said this you can see how foolish it is to blame yourself for any mistakes you may make along the way.

Worrying about the mistakes you have made will only lead to making more mistakes. This is the law of attraction at work.  If you show compassion for yourself and others you are doing so out of love. When you are living in this state of compassion then you will attract love back to yourself.

In summing up I believe that ego driven success is short lived whilst success based on compassion for others is more sustainable and enduring.

What is your view on this?

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