Energy For Living Competition

Energy For Living Competition is designed to get you thinking about your  daily energy levels.  

Your success is largely determined by how much energy you have to inject into everything you do.

Energy For Living Competition

Energy For Living Competition

No matter how strong your intentions are to succeed it will be more difficult if your body is not functioning efficiently.

My mentors and business partners want to hep you get the very best out of your body.

We have set up a competition to find out about what  you need to raise your energy levels.

Like our page and write a comment about it at Slim Express.

First and second prize winners will get the Energy For Living Ebook written by Larry Lewis whose vast experience as a Life Coach and Fitness Instructor make it a must read for you. 

In addition to this you will also receive a supply of our Green Magic energy boosting powder.

  • First prize will get a four months supply of Green Magic Powder
  • Second prize will receive a two months supply of Green Magic Powder
  • Third prize will receive one months supply of Green Magic Powder

We want to hear from you. 

Do you have energy to burn throughout your day? Are you for ever hungry? Do you suffer flat and low spots throughout  your day?

Tell us your story.

We will respond and provide you with valuable advice.

Join our  community of health conscious people who are building an amazing mastermind group to facilitate your good health.

We care about you being the best version of you.

You will get ongoing support and advice by liking our page and commenting about your energy for living.

The added bonus of course are the prizes and being part of a like minded group.

We want you to be the slimmest healthiest version of you possible. Your health is crucial to all your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Without long lasting health and energy, making a success of your life just becomes too  difficult.

The advice knowledge and expertise you will receive from our community is reinforced by our amazing products.

They are designed to help you reach your optimum health.

Check out our secure online store and experience  a shopping phenomenon equal to no other.

We pride ourselves on fast reliable service and encourage open communication to ensure you are a very satisfied customer.

Go on write and tell us your energy for living story.

We are waiting to hear from you.

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