Entrepreneurs spirit

entreprenurs spirit

entreprenurs spirit

What is an entrepreneurs spirit and does one possess it from birth or is something that is acquired throughout your life?

Lately I find that I am surrounded by people who have an entrepreneur’s spirit.

Who is an entrepreneur?

Are you somebody who has great ideas? Are you tired of working within the constraints of a predetermined 9 to 5 routine? Do you see yourself as somebody who will follow through and develop your own style for getting things done. Can you see yourself working in your own way and at your own pace following your dreams?

If you answer yes to most of the above questions then there is an entrepreneur’s spirit bubbling away in you waiting to emerge. You see it’s a sort of restlessness. It’s like you don’t fit in anywhere  you travel. It’s like you are searching for something and you will only find peace when you truly find what it is.

Part of it is in you at birth and part of it is developed over time.

Some people fight it and suppress it while others let it flourish and grow.

You will know that it is within you as you begin to take risks. If your creativity begins to emerge and you start seeing yourself as this butterfly waiting to emerge from the dark cocoon, then you are blessed with an entrepreneur’s spirit.

Once you see yourself moving towards freedom there is no turning back. The entrepreneur’s spirit kicks in and you no longer want to look back. The only thing that makes sense from here on end  is to allow that entrepreneur’s spirit to guide you to your life’s purpose.

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