What is edgerank and what has it got to do with mlm marketing on facebook? 

facebook|edgerank pdf| mlm

facebook|edgerank pdf| mlm

Facebook edgerank  formula determines what gets shown in people’s news feed. So if you are trying to promote your posts for your mlm fan page then it’s very important to know how good your edge rank score is.

It’s like facebook’s big brother approach it determines what a user likes and what they don’t like according to their activity.

What this means for mlm fan page owners is that you can use this formula to promote your posts and have them stay in the news feed longer. So by understanding the formula you are thinking like facebook.

The formula is the summation of three different variables :

Affinity is the amount of interaction a user has with your mlm fan page posts. So the more they like comment and share on your posts the more your posts will appear in their news feed. This means more exposure for a longer amount of time for your mlm brand.  An example to highlight this is if you have been very active on Randy Gage’s fan page then you will see a great deal of his posts and for a longer time.


Weight is the amount of likes comments and shares a post receives. The higher the amount the more weight the post carries. The significance of this is that facebook will priorities the post with the greatest weight as the most important. This means that a post with 100 like, 20 comments and 15 shares is deemed to be more important than  no likes comments and shares. How does this affect your mlm fan page. Well if you have a weighty post it will be seen by more of your fans.

Time Decay is the amount of time your post will get shown.  This is determined by the popularity of the post. The more popular a post is in relation to the number of comments, like and shares it receives will determine how long it remains there for your fans to see. Theoretically your post could remain visible indefinitely  if it gets a steady stream of like, comments and shares on a daily basis. However this is highly unlikely and so time decay kicks in as the activity slows down.


Here are some key points that will boost your edgerank.

  • Post engaging status updates that encourage interaction. This will boost  the affinity, weight and the time the post will be shown to your fans.
  • Use pictures and links to make your posts more engaging. The new time line accommodates pictures beautifully and this is an excellent way to engage your audience more. Links provide a great call to action and help with engagement too.
  • Comment back when you receive comments. Make sure you comment back individually as this will increase the weight of the post.
  • Post regularly to keep your content fresh. This is very important as it builds up your overall edgerank score.
Click on the link below to download your own pdf of the information above. This is taken from Brian Moran’s get 10 000 fans.
Use the tool in the download to find out your  edgerank score.

edgerank pdf and edgerank score tool


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