Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page is a tricky venture for business and branding. Facebook by it’s nature is a social beast, so if you use your fan page to do the hard sell you are missing the boat.

I know what you are thinking  the big boys do exactly that so why cant you do it? The big boys can do anything because they have such a huge following. They operate on getting their offers in front of as many people as possible. Why because they have the budgets to do it. They spend thousands of dollars on advertising to ensure they make a profit.

This is just not viable for the small business owner.

Understanding the social nature of Facebook and providing value to your community will cost you time and effort. 

You see once you work within those parameters it is possible to attract thousands of fans in short period of time. It has been my experience to build up a fan page from scratch and reaching nearly 3000 fans in two months.

Creating buzz and delivering on value is an important criteria to achieving such results. The value was provided through daily consistent posting based on quality quotes. The page is all bout The Power Of Passion so it was easy to generate a great deal of enthusiasm through these posts.

One of the major driving forces to achieving the results was to conduct a competition. The competition was about commenting on what the power of passion meant to the community. We used the facebook comment code which can be found by clicking on the highlighted text. This enabled us to keep track of the comments and respond quickly. The best part was that for most people the comments they made were visible on their personal profiles. This meant that all their friends also saw the comments. The viral effect of this enabled us to speed up our fan base growth.

Setting up a competition

Setting up a competition builds a great deal of excitement and generates enthusiasm in regards to your theme. It attracts a targeted audience to your niche. An audience that you can market to. A word of caution here as stated straight from the outset. Don’t dive straight into the marketing. Continue to build up your relationship with your fans. Provide daily posts and sometimes two or three. Make sure you reply to all your commentators. Make them feel valued!

Advertising on Facebook

Driving traffic to your page is crucial to growing your fan base quickly. If you have time then advertising is not crucial, however if you are in a hurry then it is worth investigating. You can set a very small daily budget at five dollars a day. This will give you the flexibility to make sure you get it right.

Facebook advertising tips:

  1. Find a brilliant image that promotes what you stand for. This is crucial because this is what they look at first.
  2. Your headline has to build curiosity. Ask them a question. We chose Living a Passionate Life?
  3. The body of the text has to provide benefits for them liking your page. Like our page and write a comment. You could win great prizes.
  4. The fun part is targeting your audience. You get to choose the age group, location and interest of people who may be interested in your business or niche.
  5. Choosing wisely here can greatly reduce your costs.
  6. Choose optimize for pay per click . This allows you to decide how much you want to pay per click.

You will need to experiment until it is getting the results you want. This can be a very intriguing experiment as you have an incredible amount of information as feedback.

If you follow the tips above you will not get burned by paying too much. The most you can lose is five dollars in one day?

I hope this sheds some light on how to go about building a Facebook Fan Page with targeted fans.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to provide ongoing value to your fans.


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