Faith in me

Faith in me

Faith in me

When we think of faith we tend to look outside of ourselves.

Welcome to this post that I wrote for my mastermind group. I hope you can join us as we read “Think and Grow Rich” and reflect upon its teachings.

We tend to reach out towards some unknown, intangible idea and force ourselves to believe  in it. We believe in it in the hope that our faith can grow stronger.

Yet if I am able to redirect my search and look within my self and begin to believe in me.  This is when I grow my faith . It grows towards realizing the greatness that lives within me.

You see we live in a noisy world where everybody wants to be heard and there is a lot of noise. It is only when I learn to quieten down that noise exploding in my head that I begin to find how to have faith in me.

As a society we are taught to be competitive to achieve results that you and everybody can be proud of. In doing so we set ourselves up for a roller coaster of emotional turmoil.

We tend to chase success and get disappointed or elated when the results come our way. We are conditioned to feel good when we achieve success and to feel miserable when we fail.

Many of the lessons have already touched on this. Learning to have faith in me is all about learning to love myself.When I can truly look in that mirror and say I love you with conviction and meaning then I am building up my faith.My faith that I have a purpose to fulfill and that it will all be revealed to me in good time.

Fear, self doubt and indecision are my number one enemy. When I am in this state I lose faith in me. My inner guidance system becomes clouded and I begin to walk in places I am not meant to be. Each time I am on the wrong path I need to take stock and correct my course.

Correcting my course is easier when I am in an environment like this master mind group. The many brilliant participants gently remind me to get back on course. This helps me to regain my faith in me. I feel myself getting stronger and see the path illuminating before me.

Each day I read the lessons and develop my understanding of the inner strength I possess, I grow. This is the journey we have all embarked on.  A journey of growth, awe, clarity and above all a journey of faith to believe in who I am.

It is only when I understand this fully that I can give unconditional love and accept every moment of each day.

Thank you to all who contribute along this journey.

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