Fear attacks under pressure

Fear attacks under pressure

fear attacks under pressure

fear attacks under pressure

Hello and welcome today our guest author from  the 30 day mental cleanse forum is Judy Yazersky from Israel.

Judy reminds us how our fears can revisit and attack us when we are under pressure.

Judy writes:

“It’s all about fear of the unknown. How will I cope when I am poor, sick, old? Will I be able to cope without my partner, even if it is a love-less relationship?

I saw these fears recently when my mother age 77 (very blue personality) came to visit me here in Israel for 2 weeks. At home in america, she goes to the senior center almost every day, plays maJongg with friends, goes shopping, gets around New York City on the subway all on her own, very independent.

But when she came to visit me here, and stayed in a hotel for a few days, all her fears started coming out (she speaks a fluent Hebrew, so language was not an issue and she had a local cellphone) she was afraid that she will need to go to the bathroom, afraid when she didn’t go to the bathroom, didn’t know where to go, afraid how to use the cellphone I gave her. Afraid she would get lost, afraid that the taxi took advantage and charged her too much money, afraid that she is spending too much.

I think she had all these fears because she was traveling by herself and didn’t have “strength  in numbers” which is what companionship does. Her hotel was near a shopping mall and she was able to wander around there and was happy, In addition, when she went to stay by a friend for a few days, she was busy and happy. Is it age? Is it her personality? I don’t know.

I have traveled by myself numerous times and been in countries where I didn’t speak the language, Been in cities where I didn’t know my way, but I managed. My only fear was missing my flight- a legitimate concern when is a foreign country.

I think the answer to both questions is with the seventh evil- “suseptablity to negative influences“. Why? I am not sure. but I am sure that my mother who tends to be critical of me often, need that ability to criticize, comment, “advise”, to make her feel good and when I am not around she doesn’t know what to do with herself, whereas I am always positive and have to work REALLY hard to keep my mother’s negativity out of my life.

I enjoy my mother when she comes for a visit, but I am someone grateful that she isn’t around all the time. I’d rather hang out with my MFF friends, they give me so much positive energies. Thanks

Your friend nearby who lives far away,

Judy Yazersky

P.S. Another thought a few hours later- it is the same with our business. We are scared of the unknown. Can we do this business? can we be successful? Can we handle the success? Again, that is what this group is for, to keep ourselves in the right mental state.  “

Thank you Judy. The ongoing journey of being able to outwit our fears continues.

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