Fear begone

fear begone

fear begone

Fear begone is a post on how to remove fear from your life!

Do you always second guess yourself? Does self doubt and procrastination lurk in your ability to get things done well. Do you worry about making mistakes?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you need to keep reading this posts as we will explore how to :

  • remove fear from your life
  • begin to appreciate your self
  • remove self doubt
  • stop procrastination

How to remove fear from your life

Many people tell you that fear is not real it is an acronym for false evidence appearing real. They tell you to be positive and everything will be ok. This sounds great but why do you find it difficult to remove the anxiety and the strange emotions that come with it if it is not real?

You see fear is something that you have built up over time. It is within your subconscious programming. Once it is in your subconscious programming it will take a great deal of reprogramming to remove it. Just being positive wont cut the mustard.

You need to identify what the fear is and where is it coming from? This takes a great deal of digging and looking within yourself. It will not happen unless you are ready to begin a journey of self discovery. This is when you will begin to realize that you are afraid of something and what it is. It may be the fear of :

  • poverty 
  • ill health
  • death
  • success
  • criticism
  • loss
  • failure

Or it could just be something in your past that has left a scar on your subconscious mind. It is there every time you are ready to tackle some new venture. It makes you procrastinate and doubt yourself. When fear, self doubt and procrastination form an evil alliance then you  need help.

What do you do?

To begin with you need to replace that negative self talk that is repeatedly reverberating in your head. It has been there for a very long time and it is time to increase the rent. You do not want tenants like that renting space in your head. Flush them out. Continue raising the rent until they can no longer pay and then evict them once and for all.

You want to wake up each day, bounce out of  bed and be ready to paint the new blank canvas each and everyday into a masterpiece. You cannot do this when you are thinking and worrying about what happened yesterday.

Living in the now is the answer here . When you live in the now all of your focus and wits are aligned with the task at hand. This takes many hours of undoing that negative script you have in your head.

My suggestions are :

Begin to appreciate yourself

This the corner stone of learning to become the person you want to be. If you don’t appreciate who you are then how will anybody else appreciate who you are?

Many relationships break down because the people within the relationships do not know who they are and find it difficult to love themselves.

Try this as a test everyday you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and confidently say “I love you” . Can you do it? How does it feel. If you can do it easily and confidently then you feel good about you. If you find it difficult begin with ” I like you ” then build this up over time until you can confidently say ” I love you” . You may scoff at this, try it anyway. What do you have to lose!

Fear, self doubt and procrastination all stem from not feeling good about yourself. When you are the sort of person who can confidently hold their head up high and deal with life in the now then you will begin to eradicate fear , self doubt and procrastination.

Remove self doubt

The type of person who truly appreciates themselves are the ones who have this persona of arrogance or what seems like arrogance. They seem so self confident and ooze success. Their self assuredness spells out I can do anything and succeed.

You know this is what makes them appear arrogant to many people. The fact that they know that they can do anything you throw at them and they can deal with it confidently and successfully. Many people look at these people and wonder how can they be so good?

You hear it all the time ‘they are a freak of nature”

The good news is that you need not be envious because we all have the ability to achieve greatness and ooze the same sort of self confidence. Often people will mistake the self confidence with arrogance and this becomes a negative aspect to the person who is out there living the life of their dreams.

In Australia we have a saying for this it is called the tall poppy syndrome. This refers to somebody who has risen to the top in what ever field they have chosen and instead of admiring and striving to reach up like they have we cut them down.

This I believe is a way for people to hide the fact that they have not achieved what they have wanted to achieve in their lives.

We have just celebrated Easter so lets begin by adopting an attitude of renewal. Make it your mission to take action. Set yourself mini goals to achieve. Make them simple and continue achieving them until you grow in confidence and begin to remove self doubt. I will give you a perfect example of what I am talking about. As a handyman I have often lamented on how long it takes me to complete simple do it yourself tasks. In fact at times I often asked myself why do I bother? A simple task can turn into hours of work and at times become a complete disaster.  Recently I decide that instead of approaching the task with this sort of attitude I would keep an open mind  and take my time to complete the job to the best of my ability.

My focus was on the task at hand without the baggage of here we go again. I am pleased to report that the results have made me feel very good about my do it yourself handiwork.

  • One old lock repaired and functional no locksmith required.
  • Car door fixed
  • Kid’s bikes repaired
  • Water filter system attempted but not complete a plumber required to finish it off

Now I am not saying that I did not make mistakes and take sometime to complete the job especially with the front door lock, however it did not become a disaster and instead of thinking negatively about the work I did, I am very pleased with the results.

This now gives me the confidence to take action and approach new tasks with an I can do it attitude.

Stop procrastination

I have already alluded do this in the previous section. It is all about taking action and not worrying about the mistakes you will make or how you will accomplish it. Taking action is already more than 50% towards obtaining a positive solution. Once you make the decision to take action somehow things begin to line up for you so that you can succeed. This is where it is extremely important to live in the now. It is in this type of existence that you will receive the ideas and inspiration required to succeed. Once you take action and receive hunches and inspiration make sure you act upon them.


Because they come from a higher source and they are your guide to becoming in tune with that source. It becomes your path to your spiritual journey and it will help you to identify what your life’s purpose truly is.

When you confidently acknowledge this in your life then there is no room for fear.

You can shout to the world fear begone.


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