Fear of Success ?

Fear of Success can manifest itself in many ways. You may be able to succeed at many things yet when it is a big goal or a life changing event you begin to self sabotage.

You feel like there is something holding you back. The butterflies as large as eagles set in and the self doubt sweeps over your whole body. It begins a chain of events to make you reconsider everything.

Have you been then before? So what’s going on. You want to be successful. You set yourself high achievable goals. You work hard and persist overcoming many obstacles along the way. Yet when you can almost taste and feel success things start going wrong. All of a sudden it is like you are attracting negativity to everything you touch.

Subconscious Programming.

Many people are surrounded by people who have not achieved real success in their life. The message that they are continually absorbing by staying around their friends is that you can succeed up to a point. Yet most people who have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams will tell you that we live in an abundant universe. There is no lack.

What enables them to think like this and how can they even consider abundance when all around us one can see lack. People struggling to survive, famine wars etc.

One of the reasons could be that they have changed the way think about everything. They are no longer subscribing to the lack mentality.

How can not subscribing to the lack mentality allow you to have abundance in your life?

What comes first the thought or the situation? If you consider this carefully you will realize the power of your thoughts. The energy your thoughts put out make or break you.

What thought energy are you putting out? Is it one of lack or abundance? You have the choice. What will you do?

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Learn to live a life of abundance and don’t subscribe to the fear of success.

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