fears cripple the law of attraction

fears cripple the law of attraction

fears cripple the law of attraction

Fears are false evidence appearing  real.

In fact Napoleon Hill likes to call them ghosts of fear. They are ghosts, they are not real.

However they can appear real and makes us act irrationally. This attracts negative emotions towards us and we attract negativity in our lives. This is still the law of attraction at work, however it is working against us.

Fears bring about the things we a frightened of. Our mind focuses on the fear and goes about working to make it real.

This can explain why so many people have difficulties using the law of attraction to their benefit.

I am assuming by choosing to read this post you are familiar with the law of attraction. If not check out my post on positive emotions and the law of attraction.

As a very  quick explanation, your subconscious mind acts on the dominant thoughts stored within it. It will try to solve the problems or desires stored there. If these are based on fear then you are attracting trouble to yourself.

Understanding this can give you power to control what is stored in your subconscious mind. Once you have the ability to do this, then your only limitations is what you can imagine.

Now here is the thing

Fear is a control mechanism used by people to keep us in check.  fears can be implanted in our subconscious mind from a very early age.

NO is a word we here very often. Dont touch, Dont run, etc.

Later it becomes naughty this and naughty that.

Some parents even resort to smacking and locking children in their rooms. This is all building up a patter of fear.

This is just childhood mind you. Of course I have just skimmed over and only named a few even within our childhood.

The point I am trying to make is that most people grow up with an increasing storage of fears built into their subconscious minds.

It’s a domino effect, once the first domino falls there is a cascade of dominoes falling one after the other.

The cycle needs to be broken or we just keep on attracting  fears into our lives.

What can break this cycle you ask?

The answer is very simple LOVE.

When there is true love there is no fear.

So if you have ever wondered why some people seem to be so lucky. Then love is the answer for they have found away to live in the  positive emotions through real  love.

So of course they are attracting positive things into their life. This is the law of attraction working without fear.

Fears cripple the law of attraction when we allow them to build up and take no action to get rid of them.

If left unattended they will develop into a toxic mixture of fear and indecision.

Do not allow this to happen! It will drag you down into the rat hole.

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