five pillars fro success

five pillars for success

Five Pillars for Success

Does your company have five pillars for your success?

The five pillars for success are:

  1. Is the flagship product amazing and something that everybody wants?
  2. Timing in the industry. How long has it been around? Is it in a growth phase or has it plateaued? Is it too young?
  3. Does it pay the part timer?
  4. Does it have a training and mentoring system?
  5. Is the compensation plan geared towards the distributor?

Listen to this audio if you want a more detailed account of all the five pillars for success.

If you prefer to read about the five pillars for success here is the pdf version for you.

If you answered in a positive manner to those five pillars then you are with a five pillar company. So stop looking for shiny objects.

Get your hands dirty and start building your success.

The five pillars for success are the foundation for your success, the fuel for your success has to come from you.

It is time to step out of your comfort zone and do what it takes to share your opportunity with people.

How will they know if you have a five pillar company or not?

The only way to show them is by growing your team and succeeding.

I hope you are not caught up with training paralysis?

You can buy all the manuals in the world. You can be involved with the best mastermind groups.You can be doing the best personal development known to humans.It all counts for nothing without action. Determined consistent action will bring everything you have learnt to a lazer focus so you can succeed.

This is when the rubber hits the road and the magic begins to happen.

The world conspires to help you succeed.Once you have reached the pinnacle of your success you will not have to say anything or convince anybody your actions will do that for you.

People will be hunting you.

They will want to know how you became an unstoppable force and achieved so much.

We often look at a successful person and see them in their glory rarely do we bother to ask them about their struggles. Yet most people who have made it struggled before they became such a success story.

Well how did your company stack up?
Does it have five pillars for success?

If your company did not fair to well with the five pillars for success you might want to have a look at how the company I am with stacks up?

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