Frustration hurdles or opportunity 

frustration hurdles or opportunity

frustration hurdles or opportunity

Frustration hurdles or opportunity can be placed in front of you at any moment in your life. How do you respond? Do you see them as obstacles or as an opportunity to grow. The way you look at situations can make all the difference. If you resist what life throws at you rather than try to understand it then the hurdles can be insurmountable.

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Today’s discussion will be about how you respond to events in your life:

Do you try to understand and grow from them or do you shut down or do you fight until you overcome them?

The poetic and soothing words in this quote remind us to appreciate everything within our lives. There is a reason for

frustration hurdles or opportunity

frustration hurdles or opportunity

what you are experiencing. It tells us very clearly that the more we try to resist the less we can hope to learn from the situation. Resistance puts up the shutters and sends you into negativity. Acceptance and understanding allows you to grow. This perpetuates a positive energy flow around  you. It makes you stronger and gives you a whole new perspective on the situation itself.

You can only deal with what you can control. 

This is definitely the key here. Your response to a major hurdle can only be governed with whatever is in your control. In other words the way you think about the situation. The choices you make can support and resolve or hinder the situation.

I am reminded of a story that one of my mentors Michael Dlouhy recounted for us about his terminally ill friend. This is just an example of how you can respond in certain situations. I am not advocating that you respond like his terminally ill  friend did. You have to decide what is right for you.

Anyhow lets get back to the story. Michael’s friend was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and that he had very little time to live. He was told that undergoing a severe treatment of chemotherapy would prolong his life somewhat. The treatment would have many side effects. To cut a long story short Michael’s friend refused the treatment. He decided to accept whatever life was going to throw at him. He also decided to try and cheer up the patients in the waiting room. They all looked so desperate and sad. Michael’s friend spent the next fifteen years of his life visiting and singing to the patients as he played his guitar. Not bad for somebody who not been given long to live.

Negativity can become a cloud of despair and can attract more negativity. 

Think about this for a while. The conclusion I come to is that worrying and becoming anxious about hurdles, obstacles and challenges in our lives just fuels those negative emotions. Instead of allowing yourself to drown in that sea of negativity swim through it and look for the positives in what you are facing. This is easy to do and easy not to do.

It begins with becoming aware of the way you think. It is a constant struggle because your subconscious mind has been programmed for many years to respond to the negativity with worry and anxiety. This is how the majority of people respond. The very few who understand this process seem to be very lucky. They always manage to  land on their feet. It seems like they have nine lives? I am sure you know somebody just like this.

The important thing to remember here is that they have just as many challenges as the rest of us. What makes them so lucky? Is it because they have learnt how to think differently about the challenges they face?

How do you become aware of your thoughts?

This is interesting because it is like opening up pandora’s box. On the one hand it is exciting to be able to understand and learn to control your thoughts. On the other hand it is hard work and can cause an ongoing battle in your head. Is it worth it? I guess the answer to that question relies on where you see yourself. Do you want to be like the many or the lucky few?

A good starting point if you choose to be one of the lucky few is to learn to be still. Spend 15 minutes each day in a quiet place and focus on your breathing. You will have many thoughts racing through your head. Start to become aware of what you are thinking. As you get better at this you will begin to slow down the chatter in your mind. You will learn how to focus on what is important. Of course this is only the starting point. I hope it helps you become one of the lucky few!

Have a good day now and look at those challenges and hurdles with different eyes. They are probably there to get you out of your comfort zone and to help you grow. Perhaps they might be there to show you that you need to change things in your life?

Just before you go make sure you drink plenty of water if you begin to mess around with your thoughts. You will be creating new thought pathways and this takes heaps of energy.

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