How does giving bring you more

How does giving bring you more

How does giving bring you more

The secret to massive success is to give? This is a strange paradox.  People often guard everything they posses with their life. Yet to become the successful tycoon you aspire to be we are told that you need to give?

What does this mean?

Well it is about engaging in transactions that place you in a win win situation. Ones that you are prepared to give us much as you take.

If you are prepared to give you will usually find that your generosity is rewarded in some way. It may come from what you least expect however the universe has a way of squaring the ledger.

The positive energy you put out through your generosity will attract a similar wave length for you.

Of course it is all about doing things with no strings attached. It is about an unconditional desire to make somebody’s life better.

Wayne Dyer author, actor and personal development guru makes a point of sending out envelopes with money in them to people that he feels should receive a pleasant surprise in their lives.

Many of the very wealthy amongst us are philanthropist they use their wealth to help others succeed.

Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson are two names who immediately spring to mind. Their generosity is based on genuinely wanting to help others as well as the pleasure they receive from feeling good about themselves.

It is this goodwill and the opportunities they produce or arise from each venture that makes their giving worthwhile.

The secret is about not expecting  anything in return.

This is something that has lifted a load off my shoulders.

How has this helped me you ask?

Well as teacher and somebody who has spent his life trying to make other people’s lives better I always felt disappointed when people didn’t reciprocate.

Feeling like this robbed me of the pleasure and joy I should have received from doing something positive for people. The feeling was instead of resentment that people didn’t acknowledge what I did for them.

Now I can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s ok  to just give. My generosity is still valuable and I fee much better about not expecting anything in return.

When you feel like this about giving then it does bring you more because that energy of good  that you exude will attract amazing things into your life.

Have you ever felt disappointed about giving something and getting nothing in return?

Please share your experience.

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