Giving without expectations

giving without expectations

giving without expectations

Giving without expectations is really giving.

Once you get head around that when you do people are a favor , it is not the person you did a favor for that will return the favor, then giving is easy.

Understanding that the universe will somehow return the favor is so liberating and takes away any regrets what so ever. If you are like me and get disappointed when you give so much only to find that you get nothing in return.  Don’t get down on yourself because your generosity and your ability to make a difference has been noted.

The universe has this uncanny way of returning the favor in some very unexpected way.

So it is time for you to release any negative feelings when the people you help moves on. It is what they are supposed to do. The best thing for you to remember is that if they have really understood your act of kindness then they will pay it forward to another deserving soul.

Harboring negative thought undoes your good deed.

If you give and then get disappointed because the person you gave to moves on then you are undoing your good deed. This is when you harbor negativity and this creates negativity finding its way back to you.

You should harbor positive emotions instead.

Turn the whole situation on it’s head by allowing yourself to think about the good that you have just put into action. This will allow you to feel positive and this will create positivity finding it’s way back to you.

A good quote to emphasize these thoughts is that you “reap what you sow”.

The best way I can Illustrate this to you is through a story.

I am a tutor and a mentor and I have been working with a dyslexic student for the last two years. It has been quite a roller coaster ride with many positives and an occasional slip up. The slip up would happen just before a major break through. He would get to a point where he was ready to tackle the world on his own and then somehow create a situation to blow it all up. This would be in the form of a major disaster such as losing his licence for speeding.

Once this or similar situations occurred he would regress back into a very negative state and much of the good work would be halted. He would in fact go backwards before moving forward again. This became a very distinctive pattern, however after every episode we would pick up the pieces and move on again.

My student eventually got to the point where he kept making commitments to himself and not following through with them. He chose not to take responsibility of what he knew he had to deal with. He kept making excuses.

One day as he was up on his soap box telling me about how he was going to get everything done this time. I couldn’t help smiling about what he was saying and thinking to myself here we go again.

Well I guess he realized that I didn’t believe him any more or he read my mind. This situation somehow jolted him and he became angry. I am not sure if he was angry at himself or me or both. I have not seen or heard from him for some time now.

I can only surmise that he eventually took responsibility and is following through with the things he wanted to do. I knew he was ready to face the world on his own I guess he had to go and find out for himself.

I am sure I will hear from him again. It is my wish and desire that the news is all good.

To sum up then when you are giving without expectations , you liberate yourself from harboring any negative thoughts.

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