Go to the source

go to the source

go to the source

I was recently talking to my good friend Judia Andrews, she has this great idea about a new business that she wants to commence.

Of course Judia is very meticulous, she leaves out just about nothing.

She did her homework on this new venture. It was about a function centre with a coffee shop.

She had looked at locations and heaps of business models. She knew exactly what she wanted.

The plan is very good and If I know Judia so will be the implementation of the plan.


Getting advice

I was somewhat chuffed that she was asking me for further advice. What more could I contribute. I tried encouraging and making her feel very motivated about the whole venture. I listened carefully. I added whatever pearls of wisdom that I could and then it dawned on me. Judia had left out one fairly obvious point of her whole plan.

“Success leaves footprints in the sand for you to follow” 

Michael Dlouhy

The above quote by my wise mentor and friend Michael Dlouhy clearly nails what I said to her next. I said ‘have you talked to some successful people in this area  of business’ in other words have you sought out information from the source?”

The answer Judia gave was expected from a green personality who likes to deal in facts and figures rather than talk to people. She said “will they talk to me”?


Stating the obvious

I generally find that if you really want to learn how to do something it is very important to seek out the advice of somebody who has experienced success in the area of concern.  Somebody who has experienced success and is currently still  active at being successful. To me it seemed fairly obvoius that if you are generally interested in what other people have achieved nine times out of ten they will talk to you.

Talking to the source in network marketing

Network marketing is no different. I hope your network marketing business or mlm opportunity provides you with the opportunity to talk to the successful leaders. Do they have a teaching and mentoring  system for you to learn from?


If not then learn how to go to the source at mentoring for free. The whole system is based on learning from your successful leaders and mentors.

I hope this is making sense. You want to go to source and learn first hand from the leaders who are still practising success.

Download the free ebook success in ten steps and go to the source.

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