Goal setting | expecting results

goal setting | expecting results

goal setting | expecting results

Goal setting and expecting results are two ways of stating your desires however they evoke very different mindsets.

When you set goals your mindset is about trying to achieve your goals. When you expect results your mindset is about already having the results it’s a done deal.

The rest of this post will be dedicated to teasing out these two ideas. It will provide you with a set of suggestions on how you can develop the mindset of expecting results in 2013.

Setting goals

When you set goals this year for 2013 please remember that by setting goals you are always reaching for your goals. How many people set goals and then spend their time without ever reaching their goals. The problem is not that the goal setting is of no use, it’s the way your subconscious mind views this sort of language. Your programming says its great to reach for your goals. Your programming also says that as long as you’re reaching everything is fine. You see there is nothing there about accomplishing your goals. It does not matter to your subconscious mind whether or not you actually get the goal completed.

So how do you rectify this to getting your goals completed?

You need to change the language that you use. The new language needs to by pass the subconscious programming and enable you to achieve and complete what ever you set out to do. You put your subconscious mind on notice to deliver the results you want. So that instead of reaching for goals you are accomplishing results.

You start with the end in mind. In the first month of 2013 I choose to increase my income result  to $10000.

How is this different to setting a goal of earning ten thousand dollars in the first month of 2013?

It’s not really you are just using the language that will allow you to make the right choices for you to achieve your stated desire.

You see when you tell your subconscious mind that you are choosing to earn ten thousand dollars in the first month of 2103 then it will help you to make the right choices for this to be the case.

In other words it sees the result statement as a done deal.


Have a go at playing around with the way you make your statements for achieving the things you want in 2013.  Write a comment if you notice any difference in your results.

Watch the short video as Brian Tracey has a great way to help you make 2013 your best year ever.

The answer to actually obtaining what you choose to get accomplished is somewhat more involved. 

Your mind set and the way you think have a big bearing on the actual result you obtain. This will be a discussion for tomorrow’s post. I will leave you with this in anticipation :

“positive thinking  and positive choices equals positive results. Negative thinking and negative choices equals negative results”.



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