Green Juicing Benefits

green jucing benefits

green jucing benefits

Well it’s nearly a month since I embarked on using green juicing to stabilize my weight and the results are in:

My green juicing benefits.

  • Weight loss 4kgs approximately  10 pounds.
  • Energy level consistent no dips throughout the day and plenty of it to keep me going.
  • Getting used to the taste
  • Getting better at mixing greens with ginger to improve the taste
  • Using home grown greens makes it fun and nutritious
  • More alert and concentrating better.

The initial phase.

I started with a five day detox that included three green juices per day plus fruit and vegetables as a snack.

I am not going to lie the first two days were very difficult. It took all of my will power to stick at it. Having done detoxes before I knew that on the third day things would get better. This gave me the motivation to continue. Also even though people say not to weigh yourself ever day seeing the results of each day inspired me to continue.

Once you get over the hump.

After the first few days I began to feel less hungry and the results were pleasing from the weight point of few. I also felt great and the increased energy I felt gave me confidence that this was working.

I could now go to cricket raining and do the running required fairly easily with energy left over.

This was all the evidence I needed.

The green juice was worth it’s weight in gold.

I am definitely making it part of my diet.

My plan is to replace my evening meal with a juice and some vegetables as a way to maintain the gains I have made.

If you are concerned about your health and staying at your ideal weight I highly recommend this Green Juicing phenomenon.

You will need a good juicing machine and lots of greens preferably organic.

Then it’s up to you to create your favorite recipes.

Check out the site below if you are inspired to have a go at this.

Vegetable Juicing



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