Have faith in yourself to achieve greatness

Have faith in yourself to achieve greatness

Have faith in yourself to achieve greatness


The inward journey

This inward journey continues, last week I wrote about true love and how experiencing it escalates every aspect of our lives. The amazing part is that true love begins with being able to love yourself.

The inward journey of discovery is crucial to knowing, liking and trusting yourself. Once all of this is in place you begin to have faith in yourself. This is the difficult part. Getting to know yourself on such a deep and spiritual level requires constant scrutiny.

The end product of such a deep investigation is that you transmit the new found energy outwards so that it radiates across all aspects of your life. The new body language says to everybody I really know myself. Sending out this message attracts positive energy towards you and puts the universe on notice that you are ready to live out your life’s purpose.

How you feel when you know your life’s purpose.

Once you are in this state , negativity , self doubt or any feelings of lack or  low self  esteem disintegrate. It hurts to feel these things! You can actually feel the pain as they persistently try to force you into that dark rat hole. Occasionally they hold you there for a while. Your thoughts waver and you feel the pain and the darkness. Lately I have begun to realise that  I have a very powerful tool to stop theses feelings. I like to call it the stop it missile.  Yes I am now able to yell out “stop it when I am feeling these things’, this fires the heat seeking missile to blow up the negative feelings from taking hold. Having the power to do this is very liberating and invigorating.

It can take a bad moment and translate it into something positive on demand.

Staying in tune with your inner voice.

The amazing part is that when I forget to use this new found power I am able to visually see how if I had of remembered to deploy my stop it missile, the course of events would have been totally different.

I’ll give you an example of what I am talking about.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I was working hard to complete all my work before an 11.30 appointment. I was still working at 11.15 before I realised that I had only about ten minutes to get to the appointment. I felt good about the work that I had completed however I knew that  I had to hurry to make the 11.30 appointment. I rushed out and hopped in the car, normally I would check to see if there was enough water in the radiator. It’s an old car and it uses up  a fair bit of water. The negative thoughts took over about being late and not making my appointment and this over rode the sixth sense voice saying to check the water.

To cut a long story short needles to say the engine overheated and I had to leave the car, fortunately this was after I had finished my appointment. To make matters worse however when I went back to get my car two hours later, their was a parking infringement sticker on my windscreen.

I clearly see now that by shutting out the negative thoughts about being late and missing my appointment, I would have listened to my sixth sense and topped up the car with water. This would have made the whole trip go smoothly and my wallet would be considerably heavier.

Faith and the inner voice.

Faith is about being in touch with your inner voice and letting it guide you through  your continuing journey so that you can reach your ultimate destination. I believe this destination to be the completion of your life’s purpose.  Having faith that you can reach the destination comes from your complete belief in yourself and your ability  to live in the now.

Finding out your life’s purpose is the starting point of travelling on the correct path to accomplishing it. As you grow and love yourself the path will be lit up for you.

It all sounds so easy as we unravel the mystery of life. However it’s simplicity takes faith to understand.



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